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Gavin's Birth Story

Gavin's Birth Story

I am kicking myself for not writing all of this down while it was fresh in my brain. It was such a special, life changing experience that I don't ever want to forget. However, here I sit 3 years later on the night before Holden is born trying to recall as much as I can. I don't want to forget or mix up their stories. 

When Gavin didn't come on his original due date 7/11/11 we decided to go ahead and induce the next day. We arrived at 5:30 that morning. When they checked me, I was only dilated to a one...if that. They hooked me up to an IV and started administering pitocin to increase contractions. My mom and sister were allowed to be in the room with us because they were slow that day and apparently we had the biggest room! Oh, they strolled in at 7:30 with Starbucks!!!   I was so so jealous because I was already hungry and wouldn't be able to eat for a verrrrrrry long time!  We all just hung out in the room most of the day talking and "watching" Law and Order. I could never really concentrate on much except the heart rate monitor for Gavin and the contraction monitor for me. It was really interesting at the beginning because it would show I was having a contraction and I couldn't feel a thing. I was very uncomfortable though and had trouble relaxing.  I progressed slowly but when I was dilated to a 3 I could really start feeling the contractions. At a 5 my Dr suggested we go ahead and get an epidural. I was definitely good with that!

The epidural was my lowest moment of the experience. Not because it hurt but because I was in so much pain from the contractions. They had me sit on the edge of the bed with my feet dangling off the edge and I was shaking uncontrollably. Partly because of the nerves and the other part was the extreme pain I was in. I remember thinking if I could just reach the floor with my feet and balance myself, things would be so much better. They administered the epidural which felt like nothing to me compared to the contractions. When I laid down I quickly realized that more of the epidural was on one side of my body. It was the scariest feeling already to not be able to move or control my lower extremities but even worse to have one side that could respond and one side that felt "dead". I kept trying to tell myself to wiggle my toes. One side wiggled and the other did nothing. It really freaked me out. I tried to lay on the other side and let the medicine even out. Eventually, it did for the most part but I always had more feeling on my left side. We also had some visitors...Ashley, Mandi, Keira and Crissy stopped by to check on us for a a few minutes! 

The Dr broke my water and from there I seemed to progress a little quicker. I literally went from a 5-9 in a little over an hour. They called my Dr and she hurried in to begin pushing. No need to hurry though because I pushed for a full hour and half...longest 90 minutes of my life! Pushing was really difficult because I could barely feel anything below my diaphragm. I had to really focus on what I thought was a push. It's a really weird feeling. I was lucky to have such awesome cheerleaders there. Ryan fed me ice chips and held one of my legs while Reesie held the other (they were like dead weight because of the epidural) Steph stayed off to side of the room but was my push counter! I really couldn't focus or concentrate on when or how long I was supposed to push and needed someone there counting for me. Every push took what seemed like all the energy left in my body and I needed her there telling me how much longer I had to go. Reesie was my cheerleader and was so encouraging the entire pushing time. She kept saying, "almost there" "I see his head" "you're so close" which made me think I was getting closer with each push. When in reality Gavin had not budged much at all. Steph also called my dad on speaker phone as Gavin was being born so he could hear Gavin's first moments! They asked me if I wanted a mirror toward the end so that I could see Gavin come out and at first I thought it was disgusting and  said definitely no. But, I discovered if you angle the mirror just right you can avoid a lot of things you don't want to see and still be able to watch the actual birth take place.

So glad I had the mirror because I literally watched the final pushes where Gavin just slid right out and it was the most unreal and emotional thing I have ever experienced. After a few seconds he let out a little cry and they checked him, Ryan cut the umbilical cord and they handed him to me. I will never forget the first time I held him and I just started talking and he heard my voice and very slowly struggled to open his eyes to localize my voice and see me. He just stared up at me for such a long time and in that moment I discovered a whole new kind of love.

 this is where he was trying so hard to open his eyes!

The next day:

Coming Home!!

family of 4!

We already love this sweet boy more than words can describe!!

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