Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall Fun!

Now that it is officially Fall-I can post our decorations....even though they have been up for days ok weeks now :) If you know me, you know I like to decorate for holidays maybe a wee bit prematurely. In fact, I usually put up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving is even over...huge flaw, I know. I just can't help it! Anyways, here are some Fall pics:

Most of the pumpkins are from Pottery Barn, but I have since seen them waaay cheaper at TJ Maxx and Hobby Lobby :( I just love the mercury glass pumpkins because they match the silver candle sticks I already have. 

Oh. My!! Look what PB has come up with now...it's like they know my every weakness. Mercury glass Christmas trees for our mantle is a MUST!

Happy decorating!

P.S. Love my little babies

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Stroller Clips

For all you moms out there...I found something super exciting!!! :)

Gavin and I went shopping today at StoneBriar Mall...

and I saw sooooo many moms with these amazing stroller clips that attach the diaper bag to the stroller. 
This may not seem like a big deal....but it IS! The only thing I didn't like about the Petunia Pickle Bottoms bag is that it will not fit under my stroller! So I asked one of the more fashion savvy moms and she sent me to Nordstroms kids section where you can buy them for $20. Voila....

Problem Solved!

-one happy mama-

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gavin's nursery!

Designing and decorating rooms is my ABSOLUTE favorite thing to do in the world. I had been thinking about nursery designs since before I even got pregnant! Then, when we found out we were having a baby I spent countless hours looking on awesome websites like projectnursery.com trying to get ideas. In no time, I had completely designed my little girls nursery...but then we found out we were having a BOY! I had looked and looked at boys bedding and ideas, but I couldn't find ANYTHING I even remotely liked that didn't remind me of my classroom at school! Decorating for a boy was very challenging-but once I picked my colors and decided on a style, I had a blast pulling everything together! Here is a look at Gavin's Vintage Industrial Inspired Nursery! Hopefully, it will inspire and encourage those of you who are having boys and are not impressed with whats out there! :)

These drawings were done by my very talented father on linen scrapbook paper. The frames are from various barn sales and antique shops. The changing table is from Craigslist-we painted it gray, distressed it and added yellow knobs from Anthropologie.

This antique china cabinet is another craigslist find.  We backed it in Map wrapping paper with modge podge :) I also added map knobs from Anthro. Everyone asks about the Owl bookends-I think my friend Rachel got them from Laylagrayce.com :)

The crib is a Jenny Lind that we spray painted pewter....took forEVER! The bedding fabric is from JoAnns and I had it made. I made the mobile with stryro balls and yarn and the Vintage Flashcards are from Etsy. The letters are hung on chicken wire staple gunned to the wall. I painted the chevron print and put it in old cross-stitch frames.

The rug is from PB. The side table is from Ikea and we spray painted it red. The G is from a thrift store in Dallas called Junkadoodle. I made the bolster pillow out of leftover fabric and I also made the curtains with fabric from JoAnns. I saw this lamp at Anthropologie for $325...
...yeah right! So Ryan and I made it out of a PVC pipe, wood circles, yarn, twine and a light kit!

The scripture frame was made by my sister Stephanie and I made the bulletin board from an empty frame and chicken wire. 

Lots of work, but it was totally worth it!
 I think Gavin kinda likes it too... ;)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gavin Reid, you are TWO months old!

What have you been up to???

At your 2-month check up you weighed in at 12lbs. 6oz. (70%), you were 23.5 long (73%), and your head circumference was 40 cm (52%).  Such a big boy!! You also had to get a bunch of shots and I was so worried, but of course you were super tough and took them like a champ. The nurse was very fast-she gave you all 3 shots and had band aides on them before you could even let out your first wimper!
You are wearing size 1 diapers and all of your newborn clothes are too small now. You are wearing 0-3 month and looking like such a big boy!

You are a pretty good sleeper! Except, when we lay you down each night you almost always do what we like to call "the 5-minute fake-out". You pretend like you are fast asleep for about 5 minutes and then you  wake up and we have to rock you again or give you your paci...little stinker!  You usually sleep 4-6 hour stretches and then wake up every 2 1/2 hours after that.  You usually go to bed between 10 and 11 and wake up between 3 and 4 to eat. Then you always go right back to sleep! However, you are NOT a morning person and when you wake up at 7 to eat you don't even open your eyes while you are eating or when I am changing your diaper. Since I'm not a morning person either, we sometimes go back to sleep until 9....shhhhh ;)

You also take a few 1-2 hour naps throughout the day! You like to take naps in your swing but don't like to be covered. You always kick your covers off after I wrap you up so nice and cozy!

After you eat is your happiest time and we get lots of cute smiles and coos!  Basically any time your tummy is full and you have had some good sleep! My favorite face you make is the bottom lip pout. We have tried to capture it on the camera but we can never quite get it. Usually, this face precedes a cry but sometimes you don't even get a chance because we are laughing so hard.

When you are hungry you get MAD if your bottle is taking too long or if I'm taking too long getting ready to nurse you. I didn't know something so small could produce a noise so loud!  You are eating every 3 hours during the day which is about 6 feedings a day and daddy gives you a bottle before bed every night!

We can tell you are very strong. You are holding your neck up all the time and you are constantly kicking your little legs and trying to push/crawl during tummy time. We even tried the Bumbo since you are sitting so well! We sat you in front of the couch so you could rest your head back. You weren't sure what you thought about it!

You LOVE your play mat and will lay there for an hour or so either staring at the hanging squirrel (he's your fav)  or grabbing/reaching and kicking them to hear the chimes. I love that you are so independent and can entertain yourself.

We also caved and bought the nanny napper chair with the last of our gift cards. It is wonderful and you love to lay in it after you eat. Sometimes we put it under your play mat and you like it because  you can reach all of the pieces even better. 

You are still sleeping in your cradle in our room, but I have tried putting you down for naps in your crib during the day as practice before we move you to your own room eventually. It only worked once. You prefer your swing and nap in it most days.

You also have a few nicknames: G-Reid, Gavy, Gavinator and little prince :)

Happy 2 Months Baby Boy!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

ACU Football

Gavin attended his first ACU game at Cowboy's Stadium on Saturday.  We were just excited to get to see the new stadium....UH-MAZING! We never got to go anywhere fun like that when I was a cheerleader! Unfortunately, we lost-but we saw great friends and got some cute pics while we were there!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Things I loved this week!

So I'm really thinking I can do this stay at home mom thing for a while! I thought we would get bored, but that is NEVER the case around here!  It seems like we are always working on a project or going to visit people! Also, since it is not as easy to just pick up and run to the store for something, I have recently stumbled upon the most wonderful thing in the world- shopping online!!! Obviously, I have bought a few things online here and there throughout my life, but I HATE paying for shipping so I try to do most of my shopping in the mall. However, lately I have been ridiculous! I am finding the cutest stuff... and free shipping... and sales... and just awesome deals.  


Thought I would be saving a little money being at home....  FALSE!! that has just not been the case! It's not my fault that Gavin and Stella LOVE to get packages from the UPS guy at 6:00... EVERY. DAY.   :)

Here are some things I loved this week, including some of our fun deliveries!!

Spending time with this little face!!

Visit from Aunt Stephanie!

Pumpkin Spice Latte's and frapps are BACK and delicious as ever! 
I may or may not have had 2 in one day... no big deal

Since Pumpkin Spice is back, it means time to decorate for FALL!! Here is a glimpse of our mantel, but it's still not finished. We are waiting on 2 more pumpkins from PB :)  coming to us via UPS of course!

This adorable onesie that I found on Etsy at EllesBlossomBoutique 
(Etsy is a very dangerous website for me right now) 

This fun chair called the Nanny Napper that we ordered with the last of our gift cards. 
Gavin loves it!

Great Longhorns win! 

a visit from Honey and Dude...

...and they spoiled Gavin with some adorable clothes on sale at Babies R Us!

I wanted to post a Cowboys Victory, but maybe next week??

Great week! Wish they could all be this great but my fun has come to an end as I am now GROUNDED from online shopping!  

...at least until our next paycheck, right Ry ;)