Saturday, October 8, 2011

SEW worth it!

Sewing class #2-Complete! These classes cost a little bit of $$ but it has been totally worth it. I cant believe how much I learned in 2 hours today! I have been pumped about this applique class because I spend too much money buying appliqued onesies and burp cloths for Gavin and for gifts. I want to be able to make them myself and use my own fabric and ideas...and maybe one day have a little Etsy site of my own???

Anyways, we had to draw or buy a pattern to applique and something to attach it to. I decided to draw a tie and attach it to a bib instead of a onesie-
1. because I am not an artist and ties seemed easy to sew around 
2. because Gavin has a ton of tie onesies that are super cute but I always end up covering the cute onesies with a boring bib because I don't want him to spit up all over them (and he has reflux so he goes through 2 or 3 outfits some days :) ) I thought why not just make a cute bib!

I used some of the leftover fabric from his crib bedding. Here is how it turned out!

I made two bibs and I can't wait to make more! Thank you Rachel Menden for letting me borrow your sewing machine!!

On my way out I saw that the store next door was having a 40% off sale on their I had to pick up a few on my way out :) 

See...who cares what his onesie looks like? what a cute BIB!! haha
He loves it-do you love it?

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