Tuesday, October 4, 2011

SEW exciting!

I was FINALLY able to start taking some of those sewing classes I've been talking about for years now!  I have very basic sewing ability that I picked up from my step-mom one summer in middle school I think! We she made a ton of pillows that summer :) Anyways, I have been wanting to learn how to sew correctly so I can make all of the things I think up in my head! Today I had my first class at City Craft in Dallas. There was only one other girl there and we had so much fun and learned a ton too!  I can't wait to start making Gavin all the cute stuff I have been buying off of Etsy! well...maybe I'm not there yet, but hopefully soon! ;) 

 ...now I just need a sewing machine!  (small detail)

Here is the cute tote bag I made tonight!

While I was sewing, Ryan and Gavin got to spend the evening together watching the Rangers go to the ALCS! YEAH!! I made Ryan send me picture updates like every half hour because I am not used to being away from Mr. G for so long!! 

Looks like the Rangers wore him out! :)

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  1. So glad you did this! You definitely have a gift! You are going to have SEW much fun! :)