Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gavin Reid you are FOUR months old!

...a few weeks late-yikes! Guess that means I'm back at work :(

What have you been up to???
Here are your Stats: You weigh 15lbs (50th%) and are 26 1/4 long (90%) WHOA! you are such a tall boy!! You are eating every three hours during the day and are still 100% on breast milk. You just started wearing size 2 diapers and are in 3-6month clothing. 

You have started waking up in the middle of the night, about 3ish...WHY?
 No, it's okay, you eat real quick and go right back to sleep. Also, you have started putting yourself to sleep! We read a story, turn on your bedtime music, swaddle and kiss you goodnight and you go right to sleep! What a perfect little baby! Although, I do really miss rocking you to sleep-so I might sneak one in every once in a while!

You go to Mrs. Connie's house during the week while I am at work and play with 2 little boys and 1 girl, but you are the baby and they all LOVE you. I miss you TONS while I am at work :( But, I am just down the road and there to pick you up as soon as I can-3:45! You always greet me with a huge smile when I pick you up...thinking about that is sometimes what gets me through the day!

I think I say this every time, but you are SO strong! You are no longer content with just sitting and prefer to be STANDING all the time. You can stand up by yourself while just holding our finger to balance you! You are still working hard on rolling from your back to your front...any day now!

You were an ADORABLE Owl for Halloween! 

Whenever daddy holds you, you put your arm around his neck. Every. Time. It's really cute :) 
When mommy holds you, you grab and pull her hair. HARD. and wont let go. not fair.

You can pick up and hold on to toys so easily now. They go straight to your mouth of course! In fact, you have been taking out your paci, dangling it in front of your face and then putting it back in your mouth. You are so proud of yourself when you do this!

...yes, you are getting your diaper changed IN THE TRUNK ;) Whatever works!
You took your first road trip to Abilene and then Houston!
You met some of your cousins...Paizly, Declan and Julian! You will get to meet your cousin Hunter over Christmas break! Can't wait!
You love light up toys and making mouth bubbles. You play with your sounds and entertain yourself all the time.

You are such a HAPPY baby!!

LOVE you little man!
Happy 4 months!

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