Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I am SO excited to finally announce that my best friend Hollie and her husband Chris are expecting TWINS in April! It has been a long journey for them but they have remained so strong and faithful and now God is blessing them with not one but two little miracles!! I have been sitting on this news for quite a while and have been dying to talk about it! She decided that Halloween was the perfect time to reveal their exciting news and we found such a clever costume to do just that...on Etsy of course :)

Hollie's little skeletons are about 12 weeks old here! Only a little bit longer until we find out the gender of these two little bundles of joy and I can start spoiling them! What do you think? Boy-Girl is my guess/hope!! Please, please include this sweet family in your daily prayers asking that God bless them with a healthy and blissful pregnancy!

CONGRATS Hollie and Chris!! 

This was Gavin's face when I told him...REALLY! ;)
...he is clearly excited to meet his new buddies or girlfriends.

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