Monday, December 26, 2011

Gavin Reid you are FIVE months old!!!

What have you been up to???
You are still eating every 3 hours and are either nursing or taking a 5oz bottle. You are a pretty skinny little guy. I'm guessing you are somewhere around 16lbs. You are still wearing size 2 diapers but Mrs. Connie says you have 1 or 2 diaper blowouts EVERY DAY at her house and you are NEVER in your same clothes when I pick you up! haha, maybe you are almost ready for size 3 diapers!

You have found your feet and you never want to let go! Which is nice when we are trying to change your diaper :)

You have also found your THUMB! NOOOO! haha, You don't really suck on it all that much, you just stick it in your mouth and hold onto the side of your cheek. 

Your sleeping schedule is NOT good. You are waking up 2 sometimes 3 times a night! I think you are taking too many naps during the day! I feel a new schedule coming your way ;) Also, we tried losing the swaddle for 1 looooong week but you did not seem to like it. So we are back to swaddling you. We will try again in a few weeks! OH and when you are swaddled you MUST have one of your hands sticking out-its your rule.

You are SOOOOO happy. You now laugh and smile at everyone and everything! You even give strangers an automatic smile. You are giggling at your reflection and Stella Mae and just about every noise we make! I love your laugh. It is tooo cute.

Meems got you the cutest little hiking boots but you will NOT wear shoes. Daddy and I spent 15 minutes trying to put them on before church one morning, but you curl up your toes which makes it impossible! GRRR.
Respecting Kojie park! ;)
You sat in the big boy part of your stroller without your car seat!  I think you enjoyed being able to see where we were going, but I hated not being able to see you as we walked around. 
Speaking of have been in it  A LOT this month! Shopping of course. Lots and lots of shopping! You are such a trooper!

We have taken you off your reflux medicine and you are doing SO well! You still spit up a ton, but you don't seem to be in any pain!
You love your jumper and your feet finally touch the ground enough for you to do some major bouncing. You really like the blinking lights and mirror.

You enjoyed your first Thanksgiving in Abilene! 

...and then an entire 24 hours hanging with daddy as mommy was out of commission with the stomach bug! I missed you so much-it was horrible!

You are growing so fast! We love you baby boy!

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