Monday, January 30, 2012

Making baby food is a Breeze-a :)

First of all let me preface by saying, I do not cook. Most of you know this about me but it is just not one of my top priorities for many reasons: 
1. It takes me forever because I am just not naturally good at it.
2. I always end up making such a huge mess. 
3. I can never plan ahead enough to get things from the grocery store.
4. and the number one reason is I don't like waiting for it to cook-I just want to eat!

Thus, we eat a lot of sandwiches, cereal and fast food around here. NO I'm not proud... and I hope one day I have more time to learn how to cook. I do LOVE to bake so maybe there is hope for me :)  Anyways, all this to say I never would have thought I would be making my own baby food, but that is why I want to share. I clearly wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't SUPER easy!!  Let me explain.

You can use any food processor or blender but if you use one designed to make baby food it is much easier because you can blend and steam in the same container. We saved our reward points and bought the Baby Brezza at Babies R Us. It was pretty expensive before coupons but I hear you make your money back pretty quickly with the homemade food.

We started with carrots: 
just chop them up into small pieces

 add them to baby brezza and it will steam...
(The instructions include recommendations on how long to steam each item-one less thing for me to worry about.)

 and blend all in one container!

Then you just freeze them in ice trays and store them in baggies in your freezer until you need them! The great thing is, if you get in the baby food making groove you can make a lot at once and then you wont need to make more for a few weeks!

There are also tons of great baby food recipes/websites on Pinterest!

Told you it was easy!! :) 
While I know this is far from cooking...its baby steps people.

Unfortunately, you can do all that work and then find out... 
your little one is NOT a fan of carrots! 
Gavin is quite dramatic and will actually gag himself and act like he going to die if we put another bite in his mouth. He spits it all out and has made very clear his feelings about carrots. We tried carrots for a week and have since moved on to butternut squash.
 So. Much. Better!   :) There is hope!

Bon Appetit! 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gavin Reid you are 6 Months old!!!

cue mommy meltdown...
What have you been up to???

Here are your 6 month Stats:
You weigh 17.1lbs (38th%) and are 27inches long (67th%)  You wear size 3 diapers and are wearing mostly 6-9 month clothing although some of your pants are too short!

This has been a month of SO many firsts for you!!
FIRST Christmas
We had such a wonderful holiday season visiting family all over the place. 

FIRST Plane Ride
We went to WI for Christmas and you did so wonderful! Not a single tear on the way there or fact you did better than your sick daddy ;)

FIRST time to sit up!
You are still a little wobbly, but you are SO proud of yourself in this picture! What a big boy!

FIRST cold :(
Your poor little cheeks are bright red! You didn't want to miss any holiday fun so you fought off your cold within a few days!

FIRST tooth/teeth
 I can't believe you have not one but two teeth! We didn't even know you were teething!!! 

FIRST food
We gave you rice cereal for the first time the day after were not impressed!

FIRST time we saw you roll over from back to tummy!
You LOVE rolling over and will do it as soon as we lay you on your back. Only problem have forgotten how to roll from your tummy to back, so you get stuck! 

FIRST time to sleep on your tummy through the night!
We took this picture on our monitor...kinda creepy i know, but this was the night you decided tummy sleeping is the only way for you! 

FIRST time to sleep without a swaddle
You just sleep in a sleep sack now so it keeps your covered but your arms are free. You really like being able to cuddle up with your lion blankie.

FIRST belly laugh
You think EVERYTHING is funny! You seriously laugh and giggle all the time. Especially at Stella, but you have never laughed so much at once and it was adorable! 

People are beginning to tell us you look more and more like your daddy...
What do you think? :)

You are no longer on any reflux medications and you are hardly spitting up at all. It. Is. Amazing! You still have clogged tear ducts and have to take medicine every once in a while when they get really bad. You are starting to reach for us to pick you up and you do this weird wrist twist when you hold your toys or paci. 

Things you LOVE:
Your jumper



Your light up book and crawl ball

The tickle game and peek-a-boo

Your blue jean diapers...oh wait, thats me! :)

 You are still the cutest, sweetest, handsomest and most perfect little boy we have ever seen!
We love you SOOO much baby boy!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Need a good laugh?

Quick update...
We are sitting up (have been for a while but I have been a blog slacker)
We are laughing uncontrollably at...EVERYTHING-especially Stella!

(Please ignore my super annoying baby voice)

We are one happy baby!
Have a great week!

Sunday, January 1, 2012