Monday, January 30, 2012

Making baby food is a Breeze-a :)

First of all let me preface by saying, I do not cook. Most of you know this about me but it is just not one of my top priorities for many reasons: 
1. It takes me forever because I am just not naturally good at it.
2. I always end up making such a huge mess. 
3. I can never plan ahead enough to get things from the grocery store.
4. and the number one reason is I don't like waiting for it to cook-I just want to eat!

Thus, we eat a lot of sandwiches, cereal and fast food around here. NO I'm not proud... and I hope one day I have more time to learn how to cook. I do LOVE to bake so maybe there is hope for me :)  Anyways, all this to say I never would have thought I would be making my own baby food, but that is why I want to share. I clearly wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't SUPER easy!!  Let me explain.

You can use any food processor or blender but if you use one designed to make baby food it is much easier because you can blend and steam in the same container. We saved our reward points and bought the Baby Brezza at Babies R Us. It was pretty expensive before coupons but I hear you make your money back pretty quickly with the homemade food.

We started with carrots: 
just chop them up into small pieces

 add them to baby brezza and it will steam...
(The instructions include recommendations on how long to steam each item-one less thing for me to worry about.)

 and blend all in one container!

Then you just freeze them in ice trays and store them in baggies in your freezer until you need them! The great thing is, if you get in the baby food making groove you can make a lot at once and then you wont need to make more for a few weeks!

There are also tons of great baby food recipes/websites on Pinterest!

Told you it was easy!! :) 
While I know this is far from cooking...its baby steps people.

Unfortunately, you can do all that work and then find out... 
your little one is NOT a fan of carrots! 
Gavin is quite dramatic and will actually gag himself and act like he going to die if we put another bite in his mouth. He spits it all out and has made very clear his feelings about carrots. We tried carrots for a week and have since moved on to butternut squash.
 So. Much. Better!   :) There is hope!

Bon Appetit! 

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  1. I hope to make my own as well! We have the baby bullet, not sure what all it does. If it doesn't work, I will get this one. Can't believe Gavin is already eating!