Sunday, March 25, 2012

Gavin Reid you are 8 months old!

What have you been up to?
We are thinking you weigh somewhere around 19-20 lbs.  You are wearing 6-9 month clothing and some 12 month. You are still wearing size 3 diapers.

We finally got you a high chair...lets just say eating is a much easier task for everyone! You are eating 2 solid meals per day and are still nursing 3-4 times a day. You are starting to get pretty me some baby rolls!

You are pretty open to new foods. However, this is the face you make every time you take your first bite of anything! Even if you love it! You just hate not knowing what's being put in your mouth!

You went through a phase this month where you were smacking your food! It was pretty funny! You are over that phase now and just want to get the food into your tummy as quickly as possible. No more time to waste on playing with your food!

When you are tired you always turn your head to the side of your car seat as soon as we put you in it. You really enjoy napping in your car seat.

You were the cutest little Valentine in your leg warmers and Heartbreaker bulldog onesie. 

 You love to stay in your bed and play in the mornings and let mommy and daddy go back to sleep! We think this is great! Keep it up!! There is just nothing better than coming upstairs to this sweet little face in the morning mid-morning! :)

Speaking of playing...
These are your FAV toys this love your Mega Blocks, stackable rings and the remote. Yes, the remote-can you BE any more like your daddy?!  (vocal intonation intended for you aunt steph!) And we just put together your walker so of course you love it because it's new!

You have also found the door stoppers and will flick them until they fall off. You feel pretty accomplished when this happens!

Oh my! this is the face you made a lot this month.  I guess with all of the new foods your body has had some adjusting to do. You had trouble getting it all out...poor little guy. For some reason, you felt most comfortable doing this at Mrs. Connie's. We were perfectly fine with this :)

You are talking, talking, talking all the time!  Lots of dadadada and mamamama and your babbling is starting to sound more like English-sorta! OH! and I got SO exited because I thought you used your first sign language (for eat) but it turns out you must have just been wiping your face because it hasn't happened again! It's okay though because you receptively understand almost all of the signs we use. You definitely know: eat, all done, bath, book and daddy. We think you are gonna be a pretty smart little guy!

You are army crawling EVERYWHERE and let me tell you. You. Are. FAST! You are very capable of getting where you want this way and have no desire to get up on your knees. However, you do use your knees to push up into a sitting position...over and over again.

This new mobility causes shenanigans...
I think know we have a trouble-maker on our hands...
Now that all you care about is crawling and sitting, you do not feel it necessary to lay back and relax every once in a while. All work, no play for this boy.  We found you asleep like this and decided it was time to put the swing away. Swings are for sissy's right Gavin? :)

3 weeks                                       31 weeks
Lastly, remember this face at bath time? Well, I do.  Unfortunately, It's back!! You have been getting so tired that once your bath is over you want to go straight to bed and do NOT want to lay back on the changing table and get dressed. 
This bites! <hehe! I know, I know>

Even though you sometimes make this face, you are a pretty special little guy!

We love you baby G!

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