Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The start of shower season...

This is the first of quite a few showers I have coming up this month. It is SUCH a busy time of year!

You may remember me posting a few months back that my BFF from college is having TWINS! Twin Blessing I was crossing my fingers hoping she would have a girl AND boy just because I think that would be so much fun! Well, I got my wish!! Luke and Landry Young will be joining us at the end of April most likely! Can't wait!!

Hollie's church shower was a few weeks ago in Houston and I was determined to make it. We were only able to make a day trip and literally got there right before the shower and left right after, but it was still so much fun! Hollie looks adorable of course and she got so many goodies for her little babes!

so blessed!!!

Gavin was SUCH a trooper the entire day. I was so impressed!

I have been a busy bee practicing my sewing skills on the twins gifts. Here is how the burp cloths turned out:

We also bought her this car seat and fancied it up with some reversible car seat straps and an arm pad. I have one of these pads on Gavin's car seat that I honestly just bought because I thought it was cute.  I never realized it helped that much until I took it off to try and make one. I didn't have it on his car seat for a few days and I couldn't wait to put it back on!

More showers coming soon!

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