Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gavin Reid you are 9 months old!

What have you been up to?

We are guessing you weigh about 22-23 lbs, but we will find out for sure at the end of this month. Everyone tells us you are BIG! haha

You are wearing 9-12 month and some 12-18 month clothing. You are still in size 3 diapers. No shoes yet. But soon mister...soon There is a cute pair of little red TOMS waiting for you from Aunt Steph!

You started crawling right when you turned 8 months old. I can't believe how fast you can get around. Time for us to baby proof this house!

You have started going to be a little bit earlier at night because you get so tired...usually around 7:00-7:30. You usually sleep until 5ish, eat and then go back to sleep. I don't have a picture of this but you sleep on your tummy with your bottom sticking up in the's cute. I am pretty sure I slept like that when I was a baby?? 

You pulled up for the first time in your crib right after you turned 8 months old...since then you have been pulling/climbing on any and everything you touch. You are SO worn out by the end of the day because you don't.ever.stop!

I don't know why we buy you toys when your most favorite things to play with are NOT your toys ;) Currently, you are pretty content if you are in the vicinity of a cord or TV remote. (we tried to get you a light up TOY remote...but you ain't no fool! )

You are very very sneaky now that you are so mobile and we see this look a lot. This is your "who me?" face

You and Stella have gotten to be pretty good buddies. You chase her, take her toys, tease her and smack her on the head and she just lets you do whatever you want. She is a good sister.

You celebrated your first Easter and looked like such a big boy!

Things you LOVE: 

Climbing stairs

your sippy cup

bouncy balls
  • Avocados, blueberries, zucchinni, plums and puffs
  • Opening cabinets
  • Paci game-you laugh hysterically when I put your paci in my mouth and pretend like I'm not going to give it back to you.

Things you DO NOT like:

Your awesome red  battery powered car :( hate it-FAIL
  • Loud noises like the vacuum cleaner or baby food processor
  • Laying down to get your diaper changed or having to lay down for any reason
  • Strangers

We could not love you more, baby boy! You are such a joy!

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