Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rachel's Bridal Shower

One of my good friends Rachel is getting married THIS WEEKEND!!! Can't wait! We had her shower at my house a few weeks ago and it turned out beautiful! She is a glamour girl so we knew we wanted pink, gold and lots of sparkles! check. check. and check!

For table decor, I used pretty much everything I did at the last shower Baby Madden I just spray painted the green cake stands pink.  All about saving a little $$$!
 I am proud to say that I did make these pink chevron cookies! Spent waaaaay too much time on them, but they turned out pretty cute I think... 

in LOVE with this gold fabric I found on Amazon!! You will definitely see it again at future parties/showers!

I cannot take credit for this fancy food! Not only did it look perfect, but everything tasted delicious!! Go Jessica!
...and I don't know what any of these drinks are but they were amazing!! Thanks Elizabeth!
I seriously use these L.O.V.E cups all the time! 
These crowns and mustaches were for a quick game we played called He Said, She Said.  I interviewed both John and Rachel using the same questions and compiled a list of quotes they said. We read the quotes out loud and the guests held up a crown if they thought Rachel said it, a mustache if they thought John said it, or both! 
Gavin wanted to play too...Oh so fun!
Pretty Rachel and her hostesses!
I'd say we did pretty good for a shower that was planned primarily through text messages! hah! :) 
Love you girls!
....and LOVE LOVE LOVE this little man! How cute is he with his little mohawk?! 


  1. Thank you for an amazing shower! I am so blessed to have you girls in my life.

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