Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gavin Reid you are 10 months old!

What have you been up to?
This photo is getting more and more difficult to capture each month! As soon as we sit you in the rocking chair you heave yourself forward-then back-then to the side. Looks a little something like this...
see...its a miracle we got the photo we did!

At your 9 month appointment which was on April 30th, you weighed 20lbs and 10oz (44th%) and your were 29 inches long ( 66th%).   When I look at your tummy (see above) I can't believe you are only in the 44th % for your age-there must be some BIG babies out there :)

You are wearing mostly 12 month clothing. You are a GAP baby and look adorable in pretty much everything they make ;) You are still in size 3 diapers. *note-to-self: Size 3 are the diapers to stock up on. We have been using them since he was almost 6 months old!

 Gavin, you are already into EVERYTHING and you are not even walking yet! You are cruising on all the furniture, pulling up on anything you can reach and banging, tearing or throwing everything else! You are such a boy!

You have also decided that crawling is just not doing it for you anymore but you are not quite ready to walk. Therefore, you have developed a new method... the BEAR CRAWL. It is quite humorous! 

 You finally had some more teeth pop middle! You started making this face all the time. I love your crooked smile! You also started feeding yourself and trying more finger foods. Makes me sad that you don't need me to feed you anymore. You are so big!

4 months                                    10 months
Speaking of how big you are...lets recap the last time you wore this hat. I never thought it would fit and now it's almost too small! :(

You are also taking baths in the BIG tub now...with allllll your toys!! You splash a little here and there and inspect your toys but you are not usually too wild in the bathtub. I think it's because you are usually sooooo tired since we bathe shortly before bed.

Despite how you act at home, you are pretty shy around new people! You will bury your head in my shoulder and then look back and smile. It is pretty adorable! You have also started to say "uh oh" every time you throw something or fall down.  

You are growing so fast and I am so proud of the precious little boy you are becoming! 
Love you baby boy Gavin!

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  1. Ohhhh my gooddnessss!!! This is way too adorable. He's getting so big- what a cutie!!