Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gavin Reid You Are 11 Months Old!

What have you been up to?
You are eating 4x per day (every 4ish hours). You started formula this month and we are finished nursing... d.o.n.e. I really wanted to try to make it a full year but I think we were both ready :)  The formula seems to help you hold out better between feedings which results in you sleeping even longer-usually about 12 hours. (7:30-7:30). You are also eating table foods and prefer to feed yourself! You like grilled cheese sandwiches, spaghetti and LOVE yogurt!  You weigh 22.4lbs and are 29 3/4" long. You are wearing mostly 12 month clothing 

side note: There are a lot of video's in this post. :) *get excited!*

You are still saying "dada" and "uh oh" as well as all kinds of nonsense sounds. You also started saying "ba" for ball and are consistently signing "eat" when you want another bite of food. You occasionally sign for "milk" but you usually just use the eat sign for everything you want :) You are also saying "yum, yum" when you eat your food.

This is from the first day you started signing. You signed both "eat" and "milk" in this video. 
You also started drinking some of your milk from your sippy cup. Easy transition for you!

When we ask you to give us a kiss you lean close and give us such a sweet little peck! You will also kiss Stella and she kisses you back.  Who wouldn't want a kiss from this face?

You went swimming for the first time Memorial weekend. You were very serious and unsure about it at first but you seemed to enjoy it and splashed around  a bit.

You also started waving this month....

...and clapping. Although you don't clap very often.

Things you LOVE:

Playing the swing game with daddy. He pretends that you hit him and this cracks you up!

You like to make yourself comfortable with your leg up when eating. You also do this in your stroller and in the shopping cart sometimes!

You are finally not scared of your remote-control car!  The picture on the left is the face you used to make when we tried to play with it a few months ago which was quickly followed by tears. Now you can't get enough of it!

You love climbing to the top of the stairs. You learned so quickly and you and Stella will race to the top. We have to use a gate now to keep you confined to the downstairs!

Okay, I love this video because it not only shows your all time favorite thing to do right now-opening/closing the cabinets but it shows how much you love to grunt. Every time I say your name or tell you "no" when you are being naughty, you grunt! It makes me laugh!

You still love music and toys that sing songs-especially your walker and activity table.

Lastly, you love, love, LOVE pushing... whether it's your walker, a chair, Stella's house, basically whatever you can move on your own! You are also standing, transferring and walking while just holding one of our hands. 
Take. your. time. I repeat, Take. your. time! I am SO not ready for you to be walking....that would mean you are a big boy!  

This is still your preferred method of traveling :)

Things you don't love:
...getting your diaper changed. However, usually If we sing you will stop crying.

We had 11 month pictures taken for your birthday invitations. 
Here is one of my faves: 
I will have to do a whole post on the rest of them because there are too many I LOOOOVE!

We love you SO much!

Happy 11 months big boy!!

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