Saturday, June 2, 2012

What are you CRAVING?! gender reveal party

I have gotten so far behind on blogging! ugh, but school is OUT for the summer so I am going to do a little back tracking! At the end of March, my friend Kirsten found out she was having a BOY! Another one of Gavin's future BFF's :) A few of us girls threw this little shin-dig together after school one day to celebrate baby NIXON!  My goal was to spend as little money as possible and I think all we ended up buying was balloons, a little food, and everything else was free printables or I already had it :)

*ohh and I apologize for the picture quality...I was a bad horrible photographer that day!

 The theme was foods she was craving...which she had quite a few ;)
the spread

 Something sweet: mini powdered donuts!

 sugary: mini cereal boxes :)

fruity: fruit punch!

Crunchy: chips & salsa
The waffles were a last minute addition...and by far the most popular snack!
-thanks sister for making us a whole box of waffles!


LOVE these girls!!

 I'd say she enjoyed it :)

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