Friday, July 27, 2012

12 months!

Gavin Reid you are 12 months ONE YEAR old!
 What have you been up to?

*Update:  at your 1 year appointment you weighed 22lbs 13oz (51%) and you were 30 1/2 inches tall ( 74%)!! 

You just transitioned to size 4 diapers! You are still wearing 12-18 month clothing and looking oh so cute. You are sleeping great, about 12 hours (7:15pm-7:15am) and you haven't woken us up in the middle of the night in months. If you do wake up, you sit up, search for your paci in your bed, put it in your mouth and throw yourself back onto your tummy. You go right back to sleep and never make a peep! (We have seen you do this several times on the monitor and we die laughing every time!)

You eat only table food now, and are a really good eater!  Your favorite foods this month are bananas, grapes, grilled cheese, and yogurt. You tolerate veggies but do your best to pick around them. You will start whole milk as soon as we finish this carton of formula! A new game you have created is intentionally dropping food onto the floor when you are finished eating. Your faithful partner in crime, Stella, is always there waiting below to capture your discards. As seen above, you think you are pretty sneaky and funny. It was hard not to laugh at first...but now Stella is the only one laughing :)

You really focused on your motor skills this month. You made it pretty clear that if you were not moving you were not happy! (more on that later)
It started with a little standing

...not only going up the stairs but DOWN them too!

...climbing on EVERYTHING!

...and first steps on June 24th, 2012, a few weeks before your first birthday!

You were much more vocal this month and debuted your lovely new sound. I call it Pterodactyl screaming. You love it and I hate it. You do it when you're tired or when we have to redirect you (keep you from going up the stairs),  but also just because sometimes.  It's super high pitched and you'll hold it for a really long time. I think you feel powerful, but it hurts my ears and it's embarrassing! 

Now that you are walking, you finally wear shoes! So far they haven't bothered you too much, but it makes you look like a little boy instead of a baby :(

Like I said before, you have spent most of your time learning how to walk but I also feel like you are listening ALLLLL the time. It amazes me how much you already understand. You know most of the vocabulary that we use in our routines and can follow directions to "find your paci" or "give me the ball." You know the names of a lot of your toys and you are imitating some speech & motor movements too.
This is a picture of you raising your arms to show your finished. You will also try to brush your hair when you see a brush, hold the phone to your ear or feed us with a spoon. OH and you are finally saying "mama" You don't call for me by name, but you finally say it when we ask instead of just "DaDa" like this....

this video was taken when you were first learning to say "mama"

You LOVE to give high fives as well. You are not selective and will high five anybody if they ask you! 

You went on your first boat ride and swam in your first lake at Papi and Gigi's in Wisconsin!
 all ready and geared up for a day of fun in the sun...

 ...minutes later :)

I have to admit, this was probably my favorite part of the day :) You never fall asleep in my arms anymore. Loved holding my big sleepy boy!

You did finally wake up and join us for a brief swim in the lake!

You started tugging at your right ear all the time, soooo naturally I thought you might have an ear infection. However, this is a picture of you at the Dr's office. You don't really seem sick do you? :) The doctor said that sometimes when babies are teething, they can't locate where that pain is coming from so they pull on their ears. Reportedly, your daddy also pulled on his ear when he was a baby too :) Just a quirky thing you do I guess!

You are very playful and love games like chase, hide and seek...or just hitting.

You still do not like having your clothes or diaper changed. You will fight me to the end on this! Some things I have found to distract you are...the tube of butt paste, the box of wipes or using our hand to pat your mouth which make an Indian sound. Hah! You LOVE to make this sound on your own!

Sweet Gavin,

I can't believe this day is finally here! This day has always seemed so far away to me and yet here we are! I remember washing your 12 month clothing and hanging it in the very back of your closet, and holding you when you were a newborn thinking "there is no way you he will ever be this big!" I just knew you were going to stay teeny tiny forever...but you didn't. And I am so proud of the sweet, handsome, lovable little boy you have become and are still becoming. Your Daddy and I pray that you will grow to be a man of God rooted in truth and spirit of the Word. We pray that your will be bold and courageous, full of God's wisdom and power as you speak that Truth...and that your life will be a glorious reflection of Christ at work in you.  We love every single thing about you and can hardly remember what life was like before you. You changed our world in the best way possible the day you were born, and everyday it gets better and better. We love you so much Gavin Reid! Happy FIRST Birthday!


Mama and Dada

a look back...

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