Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Gavin (part 2) The Details

I have soooo many awesome pictures thanks to Brooke that I think I am going to break Gavin's party up into a few posts. That way I will not overwhelm you! This post will focus on the details of the party.  My favorite part! ;)

Here is a screenshot of Gavin's birthday invitations, which Brooke pulled together for me!

His party was elephant themed, but not just any elephant. I designed the party around the elephant that was used in all of his monthly pictures, Ellie and all of her friends. (They are all Jellycat brand and so adorable) I probably love them way more than he does! :)
 I also wanted to do something with all of the millions of pictures I have taken throughout his first year, so I tried to incorporate his monthly and weekly photos into the decor. Since Ellie is made out of corduroy type material I used navy corduroy fabric, burnt orange and kelley green for the main colors. I made all of the decor with some help from my husband, Ryan and Pinterest of course!  OH, and my sister did all the beautiful lettering for the party. She is amazing!

Here is the dessert table. Gavin mommy really, really likes desserts! Since it was a come-and-go party in the evening we served a large assortment of desserts with just a few snackie items.

We ordered the cake balls and mini cupcakes from cupcake bliss. They were absolutely delicious!

Gavin really likes ice-cream sandwiches (he really does) so I knew I wanted to use them. I just jazzed them up a bit! These are regular ice-cream sandwiches dipped in sprinkles, wrapped in a cellophane bag, and tied with raffia! SUPER easy!
"One year in a flash"  Definitely what it feels like...I can't BELIEVE it has been a year! These are his monthly pictures that show his crazy growth throughout the last year! The picture stands are .99 each at ikea.

I found adorable vintage peanut bags with elephants on Etsy. I filled them with popcorn, various nuts and peanut M&M's.

A few of Gavin's little friends came to the party as well so I wanted to make sure we had enough snacks for the the babes! I just filled the cups with various toddler treats (puffs, yogurt bites, goldfish and teething biscuits.)

  My husband will only truly enjoy dessert if he has a nice cold glass of milk to go with it. So, I went with this "milk & cookies" idea. I bought mini Starbucks frappicinnos and used the coffee for the "adult coffee" we served. I washed the bottles so guests could fill them with milk to go with their dessert.

My friend Kirsten made these AMAZING Poppyseed sandwiches and they were a huge hit!

We also had a trifle bowl filled with fruit in the colors of the party of course ;)

We served iced tea, flavored water and a delicious Starbucks "coffee" frappaccino with a hint of Bailey's ;)
I decorated the mantle because this is the area in my house where everyone gathers. I knew we would be opening presents over here and so I put his high chair in the living room for the cake smash. My wonderful husband cut and painted the giant 1 out of wood and he also cut out the elephant  to match the fabric I bought! He hammered nails about 1 inch apart around the outside of the elephant and I used yarn to fill in the body of the elephant. I think it turned out pretty cute and original! 

I used the same chevron pennant I made for Brooke's baby shower, here.

I found this adorable high chair on Craigslist and painted it mustard yellow (with a little leftover brown paint from the living room to tone down the brightness :) )
I just covered a cardboard party hat with leftover fabric and followed this tutorial on how to make the yarn puff at the top. I sewed the bowtie using this tutorial and saftey pinned it to a white bib. I made the cake topper with 2 straws and left over fabric and paper.

For Gavin's birthday photo shoot we attempted a cake smash using a real cake. He was not too thrilled about it...
...So I wanted to try something slightly different. I decided to use ice cream sandwiches since I know he likes those. I just stacked them together and covered them with cool whip and sprinkles...took me 5 minutes!

We decided to do a time capsule for Gavin. We asked guests to write on a piece of paper advice for 18-year old Gavin, a favorite memory or verse...anything they wanted. We also want to put deposit slips for savings accounts started for him in there - that will be a fun surprise when he's 18! I also included his party invitation, everyone's birthday cards from the party, and I will probably add some photos from the party once I get them printed out and maybe his birthday hat :)

The book on the right is such a special treat for Gavin that his aunt Stephanie made for him. She is a great writer and she decided to write a book for him where he is the main character, Gavin the Great. She plans to continue the adventure series each birthday! What an incredible gift that he will cherish forever!
We don't have a very big backyard, but we had a swingset, bubbles and chalk outside for the kiddos. Upstairs in the playroom we had a little ball pit, basketball goal and a bunch of Gavin's toys for the kids to play with! They loved it!

For favors we handed out, The Saggy Baggy Elephant book to go with our elephant theme. It is the cutest book and now his friends will have something from his birthday they can actually keep!

I had to add one picture of the birthday boy!

Check back later for part 3: The Party

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