Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Gavin (Part 3) The Party

Thank you to everyone who made it it out to Gavin's party! It was such a special night...celebrating in a much different way then exactly one year ago!

pictures with the grandparents

...and the great-grands!

my Parkway girls minus Kimmy!

BFF from HS and her beautiful daughter, Keira

aunt Stephy

Elizabeth and Rachel-love y'all!

baby Madden love! I just adore his bright eyes in every picture. Such an alert and happy baby! 

Dad and Dude putting together Gavin's new truck from Papi and Gigi! He had to test it out right away!

He probably would have spent his whole birthday party climbing up and down the stairs if we would have let him! hah!

Getting read for the big cake SMASH...
...or more appropriately, the cake touch. I did not expect him to dive in and go crazy but I was hoping he would be a little more explorative...oh well at least he wasn't scared of the cake like last time!

too much excitement and too many flashes to get a smile from this boy, but I like that his mouth is full of cake!

Playing with some of his buddies.

Present time! Gavin actually enjoyed opening his presents, although it turns out he would have been a happy camper with just the cards! 

Wagon from Reesie! Can't wait for it to cool down so we can use it outside!

First pic of the 4 of us...many more to come I'm sure!! Thanks so much Brooke for taking pictures!!

Gavin says Thanks for stopping by my party!!

part 1 and part 2 if ya missed it!

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