Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer Projects....check!

 My summer was super busy! Filled with traveling, planning parties/showers/weddings and being a stay-at-home-mom and I loved every minute of it! BUT... I had a giant list of home projects that I put off all year saying, "we can just do it this summer..." Lovely how that happens and then summer is always crazy busy. Anyways, somehow we managed to check a few things off the list...

Playroom/Craft Room
 Over the past year we quickly realized that Gavin's toy were beginning to take over our house. I wanted an area for him to store all of his fun toys and also more space for him to play. We have a good-sized room upstairs that I think is intended to be a media room. However, we used it as a game room and put a pool table in that has been in my family for a long time. No one had space for it and we had an empty room so we thought it would be perfect. We played it occasionally but I felt like we were wasting such good space. My brain had a much greater plan for that room ;) So we sold the pool table to some good friends of ours and began the transformation. We had a pretty tight budget for this room since it was not our only project to tackle this summer so we got almost everything from ikea!

book shelves and cube shelf turned sideways. I upholstered a cushion using the leftover fabric from this shower!

Finally.... a little area for me to sew and craft! The desk and shelves are from ikea.

I used magnet paint...yes, MAGNET PAINT on the side of the desk and spray painted wooden trim to glue along the outside for a homemade magnet board. I am so excited about it but every time Gavin walks by he rips off every single magnet and throws it on the floor like it really bothers him they are up there. Hah! Maybe he will appreciate it one day!

I want to add a mini table and chairs so he can color and paint when he is a little older. Something like this maybe ...

Y'all THIS is our backyard or more like side yard. It is like 7 ft wide and it goes down the entire length of our house. I SO wish I had a before picture because this is actually such a huge improvement! We planted ivy a few years ago and it has really flourished and help it look a little nicer. We also added some patio furniture and outdoor curtains! I think it has a charming feel to it! My favorite find was this teeny tiny swingset! I have never seen one so small but I found it on clearance at Toys R Us and it is absolutely perfect for our yard. Now it actually feels like a yard...sort of.  :)

Kitchen Pantry
I am incredibly embarrased to show you the before picture of our pantry but this is what happens when you don't have a "system" or place for everything. It was driving me crazy and getting worse every day so I finally made it out to the Container Store for some damage control. We got these canisters on major sale and everything else was just extra baskets or containers we had laying around the house.

See...everything has a place and I LOVE it!! Labeling will also help everyone else in the house put things where they belong. <ahem> Ryan :)

 For those of you that have a Keurig...check out this K-cup organizer! I love, love, love it! (Bed Bath & Beyond) So far it has been super easy to keep organized! Lets hope it stays that way!

Mail Center

I don't have a before picture but you can probably imagine the familiar pile of mail that starts on the counter and grows throughout the week, then turns into 2 piles then 3. system! I found this lovely piece of furniture at my favorite unique furinture shop, Nadeau. I added cork boards to the inside of the doors so that I could display all the cute baby announcements and invites we get. We found the distressed mail sorter at Nadeau as well and labeled each section so that all of our mail should have a place! Ryan and I each have a basket on the bottom shelf to throw our keys, sunglasses, wallet...all the stuff we were throwing on our kitchen counter. This piece is also great because we can close the doors if we need to...though I don't think we ever will! 

I couldn't have done it all without my faithful sidekick ;) Can't you see how "helpful" he is while cleaning taking everything out of our closet...

Hope everyone had a great summer! 
It's back to school for me! 

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