Monday, October 22, 2012

15 months old!

I'm not doing monthly updates anymore but I still want to make sure I record a few of Gavin's new developments because I know I will forget.  Since taking at least one picture every single day last year, I decided to take a little break. Unfortunately, it ended up lasting longer than I planned. So most of the pics I have are from my phone....bad mom

3 months                                                                                             15 months
Height: 31 1/2 (62%)
Weight:  25 lbs (83%)

The Basics: He is sleeping roughy 7:00-7:00. It can go 30 minutes either way though. Takes one nap, about 2-3 hours. Eats three full meals a day and drinks water and milk throughout. Wears 12-18 month clothes, size 4 diapers and size 5 shoes. Currently he has at least 12 teeth!! He loves brushing his teeth
...LOVES it!

 He has his words he says 24/7 (Dada, Mama, Stella, Hi, Bye) but he has started imitating tons of new words and will say them here and there. 
Recent new words:
house, go, up, open, ball, boo, hot, book, I love you (ahh-uuu) and vroom when playing cars. He really tries to say everything we ask him to :)  

He will also read books out loud and talk himself to sleep.  

He is finally using signs and has learned so many in such a short time. These are the signs he uses most often:
All done, book, more, eat, milk, car, help, bath, brush teeth, sleep and shoes.
He knows some fruits and animals as well but he doesn't do the signs by himself.  Signing has been so helpful in reducing his frustration with communicating. These last few months he has rarely gotten upset and not been able to tell us what was wrong.  

He is learning some of his body parts and he loves to show them off. So far he can point to his tummy, belly button, feet, head, hair and mouth.

Gavin can high five, fist bump, blow kisses, shake his head for "yes" or "no", clap for himself and follow directions so easily. It amazes me how much he understands! 

In the morning his favorite thing to do is make my coffee! It is seriously the funniest thing. He will go in the pantry, open my drawer of k-kups, choose the flavor he wants, and then he will put the k-cup in the coffee maker and close the handle...squealing the entire time. He gets so excited
Motor skills are his speciality and these last few months he has made such huge growth. He went from walking to running in what seemed like a week. He has started to walk down the stairs while just holding my pinkys (actually, I'm pretty sure he doesn't even need to hold onto me but it scares me to death) He is CLIMBING on everything. He can now get on and off our couches by himself. This has been a huge accomplishment for him. He can do a somersault with a little push from mom and  he does "Ring Around The Rosie" and jumps during the song. He will also do the motions to "I'm in the Lord's Army" He is entertaining himself easily and will play independently with his toys for a while...which is nice :)

He is very playful and LOVES to play hide and seek, chase, peek-a-boo and be tickled. When we say, "Set Hut, hut, hut" he starts squealing and running from us before he gets tackled. 
He is ALL boy!

A few firsts:

 1st Haircut-he was SO good! I couldn't believe it!

 1st Ranger Game vs The Angels 
Sept 29, 2012
Last game of the year and last win of the year :(

There's always something special about each stage he is in but I think these last few months have been my favorite. He is so playful and interactive. He is able to communicate a lot of his wants/needs and so he has been such an easy and happy baby big boy.
Love my sweet angel baby!

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