Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Top Gavin...aviator in training

I really didn't know what to do for Gavin's Halloween costume this year. I kinda thought he would have favorite tv characters or something that he would be into, but he really doesn't have anything like that. The kid wont sit still long enough to watch anything on TV.... so I got to pick his costume again this year! :) I am enjoying it while it lasts! I stumbled upon this cute little bomber jacket at GAP and I knew he had to have it. Problem was... Ryan did not think the cuteness factor outweighed the price factor. after a little thought I presented the compromise that if I could somehow incorporate this jacket into his Halloween costume then he would have a costume AND a winter jacket for the price of one! 
...welcome to the crazy way my brain can justify basically any purchase :)
The rest just came together so easily. The hat is from the Etsy shop JoJo's Boutique and the sunglasses t-shirt is from the Etsy shop Ovelo.

Gavin was very serious about his Halloween costume :)

Actually, he wasn't too thrilled about the hat OR the jacket OR the sunglasses.

But he managed to pull it together for the sake of pictures!
Turns out his costume wasn't so bad after all! 

In fact...he felt pretty cool.

We spent Sat evening with some friends enjoying the cool weather, eating some chili and taking pictures of our babies.  Haha...the exciting life of parenthood :)

Isn't this the cutest little spartan you've ever seen?!

Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!

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