Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sister is ENGAGED!

Johhny asked Steph to marry him on Wednesday, December 5th...which also happened to be their 6 month anniversary. We absolutely LOVE Johhny and are so excited for the two of them to get married this summer! 
Johnny was very, very sneaky about the details of the proposal but included me enough so that we could plan a meeting with them afterwards to surprise her and CELEBRATE of course!

 a few wedding magazines wrapped in CHERRY ribbon ;)

 It was so fun to be able to give my sister a wedding magazine that actually had one of my wedding pictures in it! My wedding photographer, Amy Herfurth uses one of my bridals as her advertisement so it's always in D Magazine and several others :)

 I somehow managed to convince my mom to drive to Dallas with me on a school night for a "surprise" Christmas present. She thought I was going to tell her that I was pregnant again. Hah-She had no idea and was SO surprised! I LOVE being sneaky!

 Had to reenact the "OMG I'm engaged!" pic from when Ryan proposed to me in 2007!
...My how we've changed! And yes my hair is dark-still getting used to it!

Aren't they the cutest?! 
Can't wait for them to be Mr. and Mrs. Cherry! ;)

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