Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap

...better late then never, I guess. 
Whoa! My baby has changed so much since this time last year!
Thanksgiving 2011                                                                                     Thanksgiving 2012

We spent the first part of Thanksgiving visiting Ryan's family in Abilene. 
 Gavin and his cousin Paizly had a lot of fun chasing each other and playing outside on the farm.

 We walked around our alma mater ACU and of course we took a picture at Kojie park! :)

 relaxing with Honey and Dude.

Then back to Dallas for another Thanksgiving celebration with my family who traveled in from Wisconsin, Missouri and Minnesota!
It was a whirlwind weekend filled with...
...crazy girls black Friday shopping from midnight until 5am!
 ....building towers with Papi
...some cooking with Gigi :)
 ....and some good sister time!
What a fun week! 
Now on to Christmas ;)

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