Friday, January 4, 2013

More Christmas Celebrations

Get ready for lots of Christmas in this post...

The Turnages came to our house to celebrate Christmas this year and we had so much fun!

 Paizly loved to hold Stella....Stella, maybe not so much
 cousin cuteness

 new tools from Honey and Dude.
 Paizly has a red tricycle at her house and Gavin was VERY excited to get one of his own!
 YEEEESSSSS!!! It's what he was hoping he would get! :)

He's not quite tall enough to turn the pedals but that didn't stop him from climbing all over it, standing on the seat and the best part, ringing the bell!

 Taking cousin Paizly for a ride
 Aren't they the cutest?!

Christmas at Reesie's House

We went over to my mom's house for a few hours on Christmas Day:
Pretty, pretty tree!

 Opening another favorite toy this year...his very own microwave!

So proud to be cooking a turkey for dinner. It beeps and has a light inside and spins. It's pretty much the real thing ;)

Aunt Stephanie also spoiled him with his very own trash can! (He is currently obsessed with "trash" and throwing things away) 

 Gavin graciously threw away all of our wrapping paper and cleaned up for us.

Christmas at Great Meems:

The future Mr. and Mrs. Cherry 

poor Stella....haha

LOVE this fox....Anthro :)

Loving his new Jordans from Johnny and Steph!

 Christmas Eve with The Witt's

 This pinball machine was the only toy Gavin wanted to play with :)

Cousins playing with their new toys.

Whew!! only one more Christmas to go...Our trip to Wisconsin is up next!

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