Sunday, March 17, 2013

20 month update

Shame on me. It has been far too long since I have done one of these updates.  Better late than never...right?
 Here are your stats from your 18 month appointment:
Weight: 28lbs (91%)
Height: 33in (71%)

 Right now you are in size 4 diapers/nighttime diapers and size 6 shoe. You are wearing mostly 18-24 month clothing as well as 2T shirts. You are always stylin ;)

You have been sleeping completely through the night since 9 months and you NEVER wake up. We love that about you!   You only get your paci for bed and naps but at your 18 month appt we decided it was time to try to wean you from the paci. Literally, that night you started asking for it as soon as we laid you down and you suddenly became very attached to it .  You never cry when we lay you down as long as you have it so we decided we would just wait until Spring Break...but alas, we had visitors stay several nights and it just didn't happen.  You love your "pas" so much and it breaks my heart to take it away. Hopefully, by my next post we will be able to report success...
 You still don't watch much TV or stay still for more than 2 minutes at a time but when you hear The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song, you come running. You will stand in front of the TV swinging your arms to dance to the "hot dog" song and then you immediately return to your previous activity.

For Valentines Day we bought you this Cookie Monster that you can feed cookies to. It counts and talks and you absolutely LOVE it. You play with him every day and will share your toys, drinks and snacks with him. You also have "baby cookie" that goes to bed with you at night and brushes his teeth with you in the morning. 

 You really love to be outside doing anything. You love the park and we are so ready for spring weather so that we can go all the time. You had never been sick until this winter and once you had your first ear infection you just couldn't shake the sickness. I think we went to the Doctor 4 or 5 times in 1 month for an ear infection, pink eye, upper respiratory, a 24 hour bug and who knows what else. Glad for flu season to be OVER!

 You are a chatterbox! You have way too many words to list out. I was keeping a list on my phone but finally stopped at 75 words.  You are starting to combine 2-word phrases and are just imitating everything we say. You don't talk as much when you are out or with others but when its just us at home you are quite verbal.  You still sign but often in combination with words. This does sometimes help with hard to distinguish vocalizations. You now answer our questions with the sweetest "yes" or sometimes "no" but you usually just shake your head for no. You love to squeal when you are excited or chasing Stella. ( so pretty much all the time)

I feel like you understand EVERYTHING! I already have to spell out so many words because you are always listening. You follow 2-step directions and are usually pretty compliant. However, when we misunderstand your intentions or something doesn't go as you planned, you immediately drop to your knees (sometimes all the way to your tummy) and cry like your life is over. You are quickly redirected and your tears immediately dry up when magical words like, "outside""eat","snack" or "play" are mentioned. haha.

You are obsessed with "ready, set, go" and will walk to a wall and say "set" or "set go" and then race across the room bouncing all the way. Your run is seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen! You are still backward facing in the car seat and even though you cant see the red/green lights; as soon as the car stops you will say "set....go" multiple times anxiously awaiting the green light. You also really like to turn things on and off and are constantly asking if you can.
 You can use both a spoon and a fork to feed yourself independently but you often choose to use your hands and get as messy as possible.  Applesauce is your favorite snack and you request it all. the. time. However, you have proved your "Witt" bloodline by declaring ice cream your most favorite food of all. :)

You love to "help" whether it's taking your diaper to the trash, unloading the dishwasher, laundry or making the bed. You are my little helper and believe me, I need it! You are also very affectionate and love to kiss or apologize by kissing when we ask you to "be sweet." You love to be held by mommy and usually start the morning off by requesting"up, up, up" until I pick you up....oops :) I can't resist. You are just so curious and feel like you need to be "up" and able to see everything we are doing.
You have really started loving books and will often take them to the big rocking chair and read them to yourself.  You know some animal sounds and tons of body parts. You love your bedtime routine and close your hands to pray each night. You will sit there until we are finished praying even if it runs a little bit long. You sometimes even close cookie monsters hands to pray. It melts my heart.

I have absolutely loved this stage. You are so energetic, hilarious, independent and playful. 
 I am so proud of you and the wonderful little boy you are becoming.  Did I mention you are THE MOST handsome little boy I have ever seen?

Love you my little one!

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