Monday, March 11, 2013

Sarah's Rustic Chic Wine Pairing Bridal Shower

Another one of my friends is getting married this April! I met Sarah when I started working at Parkway and I just love her to pieces.  This year she began working at another school closer to her house and we REALLY miss her. It was so much fun for us all to get together again and catch up over  fancy cheese, fruit and a little Moscato of course ;)

We served bundtini's from Nothing Bundt Cakes, various berries/grapes and fancy cheeses like brie, blue cheese, garlic dill, mango fire and smoked gouda.

I made the "W" out of burlap, jute, hot glue and a paper mache letter from JoAnn's. Super easy DIY!

We served Cabernet, Pinot and Moscato, plus tea and water to drink. 
 I re-dipped the gold wine glasses from Kirsten's baby shower. I wonder how many colors they will end up being in their future... :)

Love you Sarah!! Can't wait until the wedding!


  1. Do you have the DIY pattern, for the paper mache letter you did from Joanne's?

  2. where did the tree centerpiece come from!

  3. They are just branches from a Magnolia tree in our old yard in a tall glass vase! :)

  4. What were the favors you used for this theme?