Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Beak Recap

Why can't spring break be every week?!?
It was such a wonderful, much needed break from work! Here is a recap from our fun filled week!

We started off by celebrating my BFF from high school getting married at a beautiful venue in Princeton Tx...way more on that later ;)

We took a nice long break after the wedding festivities and spent a day or two relaxing at home.Then we went to Kirsten's new house to play and take some 7 month pictures of sweet baby Nixon.

We braved the zoo on Wednesday...along with everyone else in DFW. Apparently it was half price day and the lines were half a mile long...I wish I was kidding. Ryan's parents met us at  the zoo on their way into town.

Gavin couldn't really appreciate the zoo through the ridiculous crowds, but I did manage to get a lot of good pics with my new camera!  Still learning how to use it but it takes awesome photos!

After the zoo we went to eat at our fav restaurant, Cracker Barrel :) It's getting to be our tradition. Every time we go, I buy the greatest Woodwick candle ever-Biscotti because I worry that someday it will discontinue and I won't be able to get it. I have quite a stash going :)

Thursday we went to the Ross Perot Museum. They had a great children's museum on the lowest level that Gavin had a blast in.

This week was a little taste of summer... I think know I am ready! :)

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