Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Aaaand..... we're homeless :)

Well...I guess it's time to do a little life update. Things have been so busy lately and I realized I haven't even mentioned all the change that is taking place with our little family right now! I guess first off...

We MOVED! We have officially sold and moved out of our very first "real" home. Definitely some mixed feelings as we have lived there for 4 years and have so many memories and firsts in this home. It was such a perfect house and I will miss it terribly, but it's time for change! There are so many things I never want to forget about this house. Thank you Brooke for taking such great pictures for our listing :)

 This is the room I will miss most...I guess his next room will have to be a big boy room. This makes me so sad :( When did my baby turn into such a big boy?

and this is one of the big reasons Gavin wants to move...NO yard! We did the best we could with it....

We had lots of moving "help"...

It's crazy how much has changed in 4 years!
                                      also...so weird I have glasses on in both of these pictures! haha :)

Our new house is in the west Frisco area. We are super excited to move in and get to work, but our move-in date is not until early June. Until then, we are living with my sweet mama in my hometown-good ol' Euless. It's actually been pretty good so far...extra hands to help with Gavin, home cooked meals, less house work...the list goes on. I'm definitely not complaining ;)
Stella and Gavin seem to be adjusting just fine....

We are counting down the days until summer! Which actually brings me to another change...This will officially be my last year as a Speech Pathologist at Parkway Elementary. Such a bittersweet decision. I adore my kiddos and co-workers but I am again, ready for a change of pace. Life is just going too fast!  Hoping to find part-time work that will allow me more time with my boy! 


  1. I'm SO happy for ya'll sis!!! I can't wait to come visit you guys this summer in your new home!!! And do some serious catching up and shopping!!! I can't wait to hear about all the changes and we are praying that you will find something part-time so you can stay home with G! Love you tons!!!

    1. Thanks sis! Love you and can't wait to see you and your little baby bump!! ;)