Thursday, August 1, 2013

2 year update!

I cannot BELIEVE my Gavin is TWO years old!  He actually turned 2 a few weeks ago but I am just getting a chance to write an update. 

Here are the stats from  his 2 year checkup:
Height: 35.75" (89%)
Weight: 30.5lbs (77%)

Right now he is in size 5 diapers and size 6 nighttime diapers. He wears a size 7 shoe and   2T clothing.

Things I want to remember:

You are such a big boy and you want to do everything yourself.
You love to help loading and unloading the dishwasher, washer/dryer and folding clothes but your absolute favorite thing to do is vacuuming. You will stand behind me with the attachment and watch and pretend to vacuum and you never get tired of it.

You still ask me to hold you like a baby sometimes and I love every minute of it!

Right after your last update we had a talk about how you were a big boy and didn't need your paci anymore. The first night you said "no paci? big boy? and your bottom lip quivered and it was the saddest thing ever.  You cried for around 10 minutes and then went to sleep. We went through this same routine every night for a week and you cried less and less each night. It was really a surprisingly easy transition for you! THANK YOU! :)

You have started to request "rocking 1 minute?"and rubbing back at bedtime.

You have started to call us mommy and daddy instead of "mama" and "dada"

Your first independently generated sentence was "mama broke her car" (my battery died but it was apparently really concerning to you!)

You are a smartie! You can count to 10, know your colors, animals, body parts, clothing items, foods, transportation, tools and the letter G. (haven't really worked on letters too much yet! oops) 

You also know your personal information. (full name, age, gender) 
You talk in mostly 4-5 word phrases and sentences, use possessives especially "MY,"  say please and thank you all the time without prompting, follow directions, pick up toys and get ready for "nite nite" without complaining. However, when you do throw a fit...its EPIC. You burst into tears, fall to the ground and bury your face in your hands. Thankfully, it doesn't happen often!

You fill in rhyming words throughout  your favorite stories. Your favorite books are "Little Blue Truck," "Little Blue Truck Leads the Way," "5 Monkey's Jumping on the Bed" and "Potty" 
Your favorite part of the Potty book is when the little boy finally goes in the potty. You read, "I did it, Hooray!!! ...UNDIES" One time we were playing outside and I said "hooray" and you immediately yelled "UNDIES!" We died laughing and so your aunt Stephie conditioned you to say "Undies" anytime someone says "hooray" :)

Speaking of the potty.... you haven't tinkled in the potty yet but you love to talk about it and you do sit on the potty and "try" before bath time.  I am not proud of this but you play fruit ninja on the iphone with serious expertise.

You distinguish between tennis, baseball, basketball, football, soccer and golf on TV but wont watch for long. You request to watch Bubble Guppies and Mickey Mouse but you only like to watch the intro song and then you are d.o.n.e.

You have really started enjoying singing songs and acting out motions like "if your happy and you know it" Your favorite song right now is "Happy Birthday!" :)

You started riding forward in the car seat and discussing everything you see!

You always tells us "silly mama," silly daddy" when we do something wrong
and you call Stella "pretty girl"

You like to play "airplane" on daddy or mommy's feet and yell at the other to look and see you flying. "MOOOOOOM!"

You like to sit in the front seat and pretend to drive or honk the horn before you get in your carseat.

You moved into a new house and you love your backyard and helping with yard work.

Whenever we ask you what you are doing, you reply "Wuking"

You love your "baby cookie" monster and "baby Ellie" and are really into pretend play with all your animal friends. 

You SHOVEL food in your mouth when you are hungry and especially like pizza and weenies. 

You are also obsessed with coffee and since you see me drinking it so much I have had to start giving you your own "coffee" (chocolate milk) every once in a while :) It makes you feel so big and you tell everyone that you are drinking coffee.

You cry every morning when you wake up but when we come get you, you immediately squeal "hi mommy" and proceed to say "hi" to everything you see and make all kinds of morning observations. 

Whenever I ask where something is you say, "it's right there in the corner" haha!

You are constantly making observations like "Mommy's food is all gone" (geez way to call me out!)  or "Oh no! my milk fall down"

You are starting to be a little bossy and will tell us, "sit down right here"or "do this first!"

You appear to have grown out of your shyness and are friendly and talk to everyone.

You make us laugh all the time and are such a joy!!

We love you!

Look how much you have grown!

Here are some pics from his birthday:

 he got his own Dyson from Reesie!

 not sure what to think about this water table!
 Who let the dogs out? best card ever!

 We went to Pump it Up and he had the time of his life! I don't think he ever stopped for one minute!

to prove I was actually there :)

Such a fun day!
Happy Birthday big 2 year old!

*stay tuned for photos from his Cookie Monster Party!*

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