Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Steph & Johnny's Modern NEON Wedding!!

 I don't have a ton of pictures from during the wedding since I was in it :) but here are some detail shots of the decor, getting ready and a few from the reception! Every part of this wedding was such a perfect reflection of Steph and Johnny's fun personalities with a lot of unique and personal touches. I mean this wedding had it's own hashtag:) 


We put this basket of necessities in the ladies bathroom and it was a hit!

These placemats were the most tedious project I have ever taken on! Steph and I cut like 400 arrows total...many, many seasons of Pretty Little Liar's later....we had 200 of these! :) worth it i think.

Favorite part! 
Ryan and his dad designed and built this incredible cake stand!!


exhausted....we put him to work!

Hope you enjoyed!!

I will post more even more pictures once we get the CD from Brooke :)
If you missed her preview, check it out here!

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