Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cousin Pictures!

Oh wow it has been a while!!  I am going to try to be a better blogger as we are approaching the holiday season. Lots of memories I don't want to forget!

Here are some pics from our annual cousin photo shoot. This was in August so it has been a few months.  In these pics Gavin just turned 2 and Paizly is about to be 3!!

 pictures from 1 year ago...look how little they were!

 We didn't know we would be getting our pictures taken too...darn it. Oh well, at least G looks cute!

This one is my favorite! 
 One of my favorites from last year

These awesome photos were taken by Cotton Photography.

Here are a few I snapped along the way:

 their reward ;)

Soooo...looking at these pictures make me remember how much I love his short hair.  This is his hair now...long and curly (which I like too) 
What do you think? Time for a haircut?

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