Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Oh What Fun!

We are SO SO SO excited about Christmas this year! Gavin definitely understands what is going on and is really getting into it all! This is our second time to do elf on the shelf but it is much more fun this year! Oh and he named it, "Fox the Elf"....maybe we can vote on a new name next year?hah. Our advent calendar is also keeping us busy with festive little activities which I will share more about later! 

I finally had a chance to take some pics of our Christmas decor! This is our first time to decorate in this house and it was so much fun!  
We had to decorate Gavin's playroom first:

Loving the colorful felt balls this season!
this reindeer/wreath was one of our advent craft activities ;)

 Gavin's tree is pink, red and silver...(aka my college Christmas tree) He is totally ok with it though. The kid loves pink.
This is our Advent Calendar..
which he will NOT let me forget about!

The little blue truck ornament his picked this year.

 My sister made this amazing chalk art for me in like 5 mins...so wish I had her lettering talent!

LOVE having a place for my Christmas dishes this year!
send me Christmas cards! ;)

My favorite wall! 

 this is our office (aka my mail room) It's at the front of our house though so I wanted to make it a little festive!

I was SO excited to be able to decorate the staircase!   
We made it through the ice storm. So thankful we already had our lights up! 
Happy Holidays Friends!

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