Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It's Pumpkin Time!

We went to the same little pumpkin patch as last year that is right by our house. I like it because it's hardly ever crowded. I just love seeing all of the pumpkins in the background of the pictures rather than tons of people walking around.

Gavin was so excited to pick the perfect pumpkin...or two ;)

 Holden was not as impressed with the pumpkins.. ;)

 In fact, he pretty much had this same face the entire time we were there... until he fell asleep

"WAIT! Baby Holden needs a little baby pumpkin"
good lookin out for his little bro already!

Here are some pictures from Gavin's first pumpkin carving. He couldn't wait to make a jack-o-lantern but somehow daddy ended up doing all the work because, "I'm not putting my hand in that slimy pumpkin!" lol

 he did use a shovel to scoop seeds out for all of one minute

 and because lately I can't do a post without a comparison it is:

Gavin                                                  Holden

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Holden's Newborn and Family Pictures!

I am running a little behind on these as he is almost 2 months old!!  We just love how they turned out! Thanks Brooke for the wonderful pictures as always!

Here are his stats! We used this photo as part of our baby announcement :)

be still my these boys so much!

Stella couldn't miss out on the photo opportunity, of course!

Comparison Time:

Gavin                                                                         Holden
Here they are sleeping in the same little outfit!


Those baby faces make them look alike but I can't believe how different they are!