Friday, January 17, 2014

Christmas at our house!

Christmas Eve:

opening his new Christmas jammies

picking cookies for Santa...
unfortunately, Stella ended up eating the cookies before Santa had a chance...

Santa came anyways :)

                 waiting to go downstairs...                                      NOT waiting! piglet

He spotted the kitchen!
and he loves it!!!
Let's talk about this kitchen for a second...stainless steel appliances, granite, tile backsplash, complete with cookies in the oven??? I may have been a little bit jealous...

Santa even left a Witt's End Design dish towel ;)

He spent half the morning making us coffee, orange juice and cookies! haha

how much fun is a big ball...shhh it's really for daddy but he will never know!


This side-loading trash truck was Gavin's favorite present, I think. Good thing because we had to go to a few Toy's R Us' to find it!

Big gift from mommy and daddy:
his very own life-size excavator 

and one last surprise from Papi and Gigi upstairs!

also a few games of mini ping pong on our kitchen table

 We kinda liked Gavins toys just as much as he did this year. This remote controlled truck is one of my faves!

Spoiled rotten!! :)

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