Sunday, January 19, 2014

Snow Days in Wisconsin

 Present time at Papi and Gigi's!
 can you tell these boys are a little excited!!

Visiting the new lakehouse!

 walking on the lake :)
he wasn't sure about those mittens 

 when Gavin saw Keith in this camo suit he said, "What is THAT?" haha

 got so many cute pics of these two!

 Sledding day:

  oh yeah...that's me snowboarding down the hill in my pajamas ;) just showin 'em how its done!

there were lots of attempts:

actually Hunter was pretty good!

 how about that jump?...oh well if it didn't end pretty...

 cooking school for Papi's bday/NYE!!!

 haha I just love this

 VASK sisters
 the dessert group with chef John ;)

 they made some crazy stuff

 we picked desserts because it was BY FAR the easiest course to cook...however, we still messed it up

 but don't worry our fancy brownies turned out amaaazing!

 look at their sick thumbs...gross

super fun week in the arctic!

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