Saturday, April 26, 2014


We had a busy but wonderful Easter weekend! 

Gavin dyed Easter eggs for the first time and loved it of course!

He was very concentrated and serious about his egg coloring.

He was also very proud of the eggs he made for the Easter bunny!
Easter morning

favorites from the easter bunny: Soccer ball, MORE trucks, and his very own "lips" (chapstick) that he LOVES to put on.
new tradition...donuts!
 (this was actually baby T's idea and a rare pregnancy craving but Gavin couldn't get enough of them.)

Apparently Gavin's go to model pose is hands in his pockets. Well...I pretty much love it and couldn't narrow down my favorite so you get to see 3. Sorry. Not sorry :)

I can't believe how big and handsome he looks in these pictures. Where did my little baby go? 
I need an Easter recap:

We went to church and my grandparents but had enough time to squeeze in an outdoor egg hunt before the rain came down. He was hilarious to watch running from egg to egg and shaking each one before putting it in his basket. Such a special day!  Hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Easter! Be joyful, He's alive!

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