Sunday, July 20, 2014

Happy Anniversary Cherry's!!

Happy Anniversary to my awesome sister and brother-in-law! I can't believe its already been a year! I'm so happy y'all found each other! Wish you would just move a little closer so we could hang out all the time! Here's a quick pic recap of this day one year ago...and a few bonus bridal photos we just took!

this cake is still my favorite part!

Oh my goodness! Love this so much!

During all the wedding chaos we ran out of time to take bridals. Steph wanted some with her hair down and I was happy to practice my photo skills! Even though these are 1 year later I just LOVE how they turned out! These are a few of our favorites!!

LOOOOOVE this dress!

 pretty sister!

LOVE you Mrs. Cherry!

...3rd birthday pics coming soon! 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014



Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer Lake Fun at Witt's Inn :)

We spent about 4 days up in Wisconsin at Papi and Gigi's new lake house. It was wonderfully relaxing and beautiful! The weather was not as hot as I would have liked and I thought the water was absolutely freezing but that didn't stop the crazy boys from getting in and playing with all the water toys.  

Oh and 4 days=TONS of pictures :) you've been warned!

This was Gavin's reaction to the cold water....along with a really girly shriek 

The blue mat is anchored down and is going to be so great for laying out 

Apparently, it is also perfect for stork stands...Gavin's favorite gymnastics skill.

Gavin loved bowling inside while it was raining.

Ryan's favorite toy :)

On the pontoon...

He LOVED driving the boat!

Gavin thought this weed cutting machine was pretty much the best thing ever!

but nothing compared to the raising and lowering of the boat motor. He. was. obsessed.

I couldn't believe Maja jumped in. Wherever Gigi goes, she follows!

The boys swam/floated to the the little beach by the house...meanwhile I stayed on the boat in my pants and hoodie! I was with a bunch of crazies...

snuggle baby

I just love this picture!

Gavin loved the "green boat"/jet ski just as much as his daddy!

love these pics and the beautiful sunset!!

my boys!

What a fun trip! Can't wait until next year!