Monday, August 4, 2014

Gavin's Construction 3rd Birthday Party

This year Gavin couldn't decide between having a soccer party or a construction party. I asked him all the time and he kept changing his mind. So, naturally I just started planning what I wanted to do which was a soccer party! I had a whole pinterest board and everything before he decided he wanted a "struction" party." He was suddenly very set on this idea and I am so glad because I love how it turned out! Maybe we can do soccer next year and I will have a head start ;)
invites from this Etsy shop

Gavin really struggled with getting that third finger up! He was just so proud to be three!

construction hats for the kids.

playing some soccer at the party!

We added a patio cover to our back porch this summer and they literally finished the morning of the party so we were dying to use it! Even though it was probably the hottest day so far we were able to have our drink station outside :)

Food Table: 
We did a "build your own taco" theme for dinner with chips & queso/guac!

All of these precious wooden construction trucks are from PB kids and Gavin already had them all so it was super easy to decorate!

Gavin LOVES tacos and tells us his favorite restaurant is FUZZY'S :)

I made this cake! I mean,  it's a box cake but I was so proud of myself because I am NOT a baker of anything but chocolate chip cookies!

Gavin had been asking me since the moment he woke up if he could blow out the candles on his cake. We even had to blow out fragrance candles all day to satisfy him. This was probably his favorite part of his birthday party. 

I think my favorite thing about these pictures is that he is wearing Nixon's construction hat! haha

This boy could not be happier in this video!

and uncle Johnny captured this gem 

Looks like Gavin wasn't the only one who enjoyed the cake!! ;) 
LOVE this precious girl!

We had a ton of fun activities outside for the kids once it cooled down a little....

We got Gavin a tramp for his birthday because it's his favorite thing to do at gymnastics.
love this pic and this boy!

Digging station:

Cone ring toss:

The kids took a spin in Gavin's new truck from Meems and Reesie

So excited Seiden, Melissa and her mom came all the way from Abilene!!!

Love the smile on this boy's face!!

FAVORS: Just little construction trucks, Reese's Pieces and some stickers!

He was seriously SO excited to be three!

all tuckered out after his party!!
Happy Birthday big boy!!