Monday, September 29, 2014

Brothers Turnage-The boys meeting for the first time

Gavin was so excited to meet his baby brother! We had been talking about it for months and he really seemed to understand what was happening. Of course, we were worried with how he would initially react but it was exactly how I imagined. Perfect. It didn't hurt that Holden brought Gavin some exciting goodies ;)

It cracks me up because Gavin talks to him just like he talks to our a really high pitched voice, "awww, I love you baby Holden"

These next 3 melt my heart...

my sweet, sweet boys

After meeting baby brother and getting a chance to hold him, we gave Gavin a gift basket from Holden.  It was full of some of Gavin's favorite things as well as some activities to keep him busy while at the hospital and over the next few days while we were away. 
We got almost everything from Target: a few water drawing boards, re-useable sticker book, water markers, coloring book, pack of hot wheels (which proved to be the most fun to play with at the hospital)  and a few big brother books.

but that is not all.. 

His favorite gift by far was a Doctor Kit (from Target) complete with his own stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, band aids and all kinds of doctor necessities. I looked at a bunch online and this kit definitely had the most real-life, working items. You can even hear a heartbeat when you use the stethoscope which Gavin thought was AMAZING. He is really into role-playing so this was right up his alley. Plus it kept him very busy ;) 

Checking Holden's heartbeat

a picture Gavin colored for baby Holden

You can't really tell but they had matching big brother and little brother shirts and beanies.

I think Holden looks like a gangsta here. lol

He was very proud to be a big brother. 
We are so proud of how well he handled and continues to adjust to all of the change. There is no better diaper getter, paci finder, burp cloth bringer, Holden kisser out there then my sweet Gavin.

Sweet pregnant friends that came to visit! Our babies will be so close together!  :)

Loved every single thing about this day. Couldn't be prouder of my boys! 

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