Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It's Pumpkin Time!

We went to the same little pumpkin patch as last year that is right by our house. I like it because it's hardly ever crowded. I just love seeing all of the pumpkins in the background of the pictures rather than tons of people walking around.

Gavin was so excited to pick the perfect pumpkin...or two ;)

 Holden was not as impressed with the pumpkins.. ;)

 In fact, he pretty much had this same face the entire time we were there... until he fell asleep

"WAIT! Baby Holden needs a little baby pumpkin"
good lookin out for his little bro already!

Here are some pictures from Gavin's first pumpkin carving. He couldn't wait to make a jack-o-lantern but somehow daddy ended up doing all the work because, "I'm not putting my hand in that slimy pumpkin!" lol

 he did use a shovel to scoop seeds out for all of one minute

 and because lately I can't do a post without a comparison it is:

Gavin                                                  Holden

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