Monday, June 23, 2014

Happy Birthday to me! :)

My sweet mom and sister threw together a little surprise 30th bday party for me... did I really just say 30? Anyways, I had no idea what was going on even as they were putting up decorations in my house! Once they started setting up chairs I finally said, "should I go put a dress on or something?" haha... I blame my absentmindedness on pregnancy brain...and being 30 ;) 

I had to post pictures of all the cute decorations! 

All my pregnancy cravings! See a theme?

I highly disagree with the sign on the left (though it is cute) as I am officially 30 weeks pregnant. Pretty sure 30 has looked a little better... hah

my moms cheesecake is the BEST!

Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by and to my sister, mom and everyone involved for the most wonderful perfect day!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Hour Themed Retirement Party

After 25 years of teaching my mama is retiring!! So excited for her and the extra time we are going to get to spend with her.  It couldn't be at a better time with baby #2 due in late August! I know I will be welcoming all the help I can get :)  

Sister and I threw a little Happy Hour themed celebration including wine/cheese and fruit spreads.   Ugh and I can't believe I forgot my camera so these are just iphone pics I doctored up a little.
Since this is a teacher retirement party we stuck with chalkboards as our main decor element and played off her last name...WITT.
She was at her Witt's End. hah, we are so clever... 

The brie with fig spread on top was probably the biggest crowd pleaser!

Every wine party needs pears and grapes.

I am definitely not a cheese person but I am learning. These were all great but I think the smoked gouda was the best and most popular!

Ok, so I basically just wanted these for me...and the baby in my tummy ;) However, these little bundtinis, from Nothing Bundt Cakes are the perfect size for fulfilling that ever present "sweets" craving.

We also offered a special Sangria for drinking can't be too prepared :)

This is probably the 4th round of spray paint these wine glasses have received in their short party career. Also seen here, here and here. You can get a 12 pack of wine glasses at Walmart for $ party purchase I have ever made. This time we chose to "dip" the stems in metallic silver and black chalkboard paint so people could write their names on the bottom with chalk.

We also made cute and inexpensive cork coasters for a fun little touch.

my favorite party planner

so proud of you mama!

...speaking of retirement, my dad also ended his 34 years in an insanely demanding career and has opted for a more relaxing lifestyle of golfing, grandkids and spending every summer minute at his new lake house in Wisconsin. We went to visit last week and I have some beautiful pictures to share. Post(s) coming soon.

Congrats to my hard working family! Enjoy your much deserved break!