Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Little Fire Fighters-Halloween '14

 I know, I know it's already 2015 and I'm just blogging Halloween! This having 2 kids and a little business does not leave me much time for blogging! But I wanted to get these up before the pictures vanished into a folder on my computer forever!

I asked Gavin a million times what he wanted to be for Halloween this year and he was pretty set on the idea of a fire fighter which is not surprising because he loves fire trucks.  I couldn't find a costume I really liked that wasn't super expensive so I just ended up piecing his costume together from various places. I ironed the FRISCO letters on his bib overalls and just love how it turned out. His fire boots were his favorite part and he still wears them on a daily basis, lol. He told me Holden probably wanted to be a fire fighter too so they were twinsies :) I will dress them alike as long as they will let me!

  We did some trick-or-treating at Frisco Fire Saftey Town and he got to climb on the fire trucks and even go inside. The real fire fighters loved their costumes!

Brooke and Madden came over for real trick-or-treating in our neighborhood on Halloween and the boys were the cutest!

 Our neighborhood was great and most people were out on their front porches or in the yard. Gavin and Madden both loved getting candy and caught on to trick-or-treating real fast!

 Now hopefully I can get Christmas posts up before summer!

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