Sunday, July 26, 2015

Gavin's Modern Soccer 4th Birthday Party

I can't even believe it's possible that I have a 4-year old! How can time go by so fast? :( Big boy wanted a soccer birthday party this year and I was happy to oblige since he told me he wanted one last year and changed his mind at the last minute! He plays soccer and likes watching it on TV with daddy :) 

I tried to narrow down pictures but I want to remember everything! So prepare yourself! 


I made this hexagon cake stand out of one of Holden's shelves in his room with a little black fabric and cardboard spray painted black.

  Macaroons are my favorite and the colors turned out so vibrant and perfect!

 my little soccer players!

 This party backdrop file is from this etsy shop. I feel like she went into my brain and designed this just for me even though it was already made. I love me some hexagons!

I made this soccer popcorn using this recipe. You know it's SUPER easy if I made it myself :)

Getting excited about the party!

Gavin LOVES to look at his birthday party books that I make him each year. It makes my heart happy! :)

Food Setup:
 Ryan made delicious hamburgers and hot dogs.  We also had mac n' cheese, watermelon and chips and guac!

 We handed out these plush soccer balls for favors! They were a hit and they are from ikea!

Party Time:
Madden said he was going to be "shy" at the party...didn't last long :)

 LOVE this pic!

We also had a soccer bounce house in our backyard ...actually it took over our backyard. You couldn't even tell it was a soccer ball unless you were outside our fence! hah! It was massive!

...and super fun!


 My sleepy was way past his bedtime but he didn't want to miss the fun!

Baby Mila trying to coax Holden into sharing some of his bottle! lol

 s w e a t y    b o y s

Cake Time:

  Blowing out the candles was the moment Gavin had been waiting for alllllll day....
 But it looks like the pregnant one was even more excited :)

 then he said, "hold on! I have to tee-tee"

then he blew out the candles in the middle of the birthday song

okay let's try this again!

great teamwork guys...

trying to get him to show his green teeth

Killed it!

 love this!

We love Paw Patrol 

awesome rocket from Aunt Steph and Uncle Johnny!

 Oh yeah, by the way.... it's a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!

Gavin was obsessed with these drink dispensers...he probably spent 30 minutes getting drinks for himself and least he stayed hydrated :)

 love this boy so much and happy he is feeling better and back to his old self!

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