Thursday, August 27, 2015

Holden-12 Months

Holden Rhys you are 12 months  ONE YEAR old!

You woke up to balloons in your crib!

 loved it!
 birthday muffin this morning!

 a few presents from mom & dad

Okay, on to your update! We took all of these pictures a few days after you turned 11 months old so we could use them for your birthday party!

We don't have your stats yet but I will add them as soon as we go to your 1-year Dr. appt! I'm guessing you are about your brothers size at this age. You are still in size 3 diapers (but we are about to move up) and 12-18 month clothing. You are sleeping about 12 hours 6:45-6:45. You will occasionally wake up before 6 but you nurse and go right back to sleep. You are actually still sleeping in your Zipadee Zip sleep sack and you pretty much love it! I don't know if we will ever be able to get you out of it! Each morning when you wake up Gavin races up the stairs with me because he wants to be the first one to see you! He does a special knock on the door and then comes in saying, "Good morning brother! How was your sleep? I love you! You are such a good boy!" and you smile and jump up and down in your crib very excited <usually> to see him! It's pretty much the sweetest thing ever!

You are still a great eater!  You prefer table food over being fed with a spoon and your favorite foods are: peas, grilled cheese, peanut butter, applesauce, macaroni, grapes, apples, broccoli and cheese and chicken nuggets! You have started to throw your extra food on the ground for Stella just like Gavin used to :) This past month we have weaned  from breastfeeding and started to supplement frozen milk with formula. You have still been nursing first thing in the morning but you totally don't need it!

You are constantly on the move! You crawl super fast and have already mastered going up the stairs. You LOVE walking toys like the turtle and will push it all around the house lifting it over obstacles or maneuvering it around a turn. You took a few steps right after you turned 11 months but then you took a break from that for a few weeks. A week before your first birthday you took your "real" first steps and you were SO proud of yourself!!!  Since then you have been walking pretty good distances without falling and you are getting braver every day! 

 You are super playful and LOVE all toys and games! No matter what mood you are in you cannot resist a good game of peek-a-boo!  You used to be scared of your Hungry Caterpillar Jack-in-the box but now, oh you can't get enough! You will scream "pop" when its time for the caterpillar to pop out and you squeal with glee. One time you woke up in the middle of the night crying and when I went in there you started jumping up and down in your crib screaming, "pop!" "pop!" ....funny now but it was kinda hard to laugh about this at 3AM :)  You also love ball pop up toys and cars/trucks! You will play independently for a while making car noises and growling sounds just like you have seen your brother do. 

 As you can see in this picture, you are VOCAL! I can't believe how much you talk! You have been signing for a while, but unlike your brother you would rather just say the words. Fine by me! The signs you still use are, "eat" "milk" and "all done" 
Here is a list of your "words" most of which you use independently!
Bye bye
Quack, Quack
Night, Night
Uh Oh
Water "wa-wa"
No say this to Stella
Coffee- "ka-ka" every single time I make coffee 
Glasses "ga-ga" as you rip them off my face every chance you get
Poop-thanks Gavin!
Paw Patrol-"Pa-Po" You say this every time it comes on tv.

...and you TRY to imitate basically anything we ask you to

In these pictures I couldn't get you to stop making growling sounds for the dinosaurs... good grief! You are a super friendly little guy and will wave or give high-five's to anyone! You also are really good about letting people hold you! You are super easy going and happy most of the time!

 You love, LOVE books just like Gavin did. Your favorites right now are Goodnight Moon, Where is Baby's Belly Button? and Moo, Baa, La La La. You can point to things, turn the pages and fill in the correct animal sounds for the cow, dog, sheep, and duck ("quack quack" was your first animal sound and your very favorite) We read before nap time and 2 books before you go to bed each night. 

Receptively, you understand WAY more than I think you should at this age! I guess you are determined to keep up with big brother!  You can follow basic commands and identify familiar animals and toys.  You imitate motor movements like talking on the phone. Just the other day you handed me a diaper and laid on your back for me to change you??? This happened 2 days in a row....ummm does this mean you will be easy to potty train? hah! Please say yes! 

 You and Gavin have reeeeallly started playing together this month! He basically tells you what to do and you do whatever he says! Gavin calls you "trouble" but really you are so sweet and you hardly ever get upset when Gavin takes one of your toys or starts playing too rough.  You sometimes stick your lip out in the cutest pout face on the planet but you are so easily redirected and will quickly go back to carrying on as your happy self! You can climb up the slide to the clubhouse all by yourself and you and Gavin have all kinds of fun banging, jumping, hammering/ "fixing" the clubhouse, and throwing things from the top....such boys! Also, one of yall's favorite activities to do each morning is helping to make mommy's coffee. You will get the k-cup out of the pantry and hand it to Gavin and he will put it in the machine, close the lid and he lets you press the start button. You kick your legs with glee!

 Things you don't really like right now are diaper changes, waiting the 10 seconds it takes to get your bottle ready and your PACI! ahhh, I know! I can't even believe it but you do not ever want it anymore. I guess you really are getting to be a big boy! :( 

 You are such a stinker at nap time and still love to be rocked to sleep! oopsy :)... but you can only stay a baby for so long!  You love to rock with Reesie 100 times more than anyone else!

 Some other funny things I always want to remember is that when you are sitting down on the ground and you get excited about something, you will use your legs to spin your body in a circle. For example, you have a little duck stuffed animal that you LOVE and whenever you see it, you hold it close to your chest like a hug and spin around on your bottom. It is so strange but oh so cute. 

You also love to kiss photos of our family. I think this is something Reesie taught you but you say "night night" to the babies in the pictures (yourself and Gavin) and then you kiss them goodnight. You for some reason feel like you need to do this each time you pass the picture ledge on your way up the stairs!

Something else you do that always makes me laugh is you are always getting down on your tummy to look under the couch or under the bed! I mean, yes there is always stuff under there but you are always peeking to see whats new and constantly hiding things underneath the couch. 

You love chasing Stella for as long as she will tolerate you and you wind up getting bruises on your knees from crawling so hard and fast! 

You can be a little bit mischievous but you seem to understand the rules. You may not always follow the rules/directions like when I tell you to SIT DOWN in the bathtub or stop trying to eat Stella's food...but you are generally well behaved and just occasionally test your limits. Gavin always tells on you if you do something naughty! haha

You have blessed each of our lives tremendously! We had no idea how much we needed you!! I have tried to keep you a baby for as long as I can but you refuse to be held back! You are an absolute joy and I am so proud of the smart, handsome, determined, happy and loving little boy you have become and are still becoming! Just as we wrote to Gavin, Your Daddy and I pray that you will grow to be a man of God rooted in truth and spirit of the Word. We pray that your will be bold and courageous, full of God's wisdom and power as you speak that Truth...and that your life will be a glorious reflection of Christ at work in you.

Mama and Dada

A look back:

And of course a Gavin/Holden 1 year comparison picture!

Here are a few more cake smash pictures. I just love how much you enjoyed eating this cake! You are definitely my kid!

Happy Birthday my sweet boy!!

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