Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer days at Witt's Inn :)

We spent a few days up in Wisconsin at my parents lake house swimming, tubing, riding in the boat, and Gavin's personal favorite....the Sea Doo. He rode with papi and daddy and liked to max out the speedometer....not looking good for our future driver :( 
Holden preferred getting on the boat and instantly falling asleep. hah

Gavin did not like having to end his ride! And he was a little grouchy...still recovering from being sicky. We did not get as many smiles out of this guy as usual! 

Here's a jet ski pic from last year
and this year...frowny face :(

oh here's a smile!

Then we had a little photo shoot...because, well look at him :)

this one is my favorite!

and here are a few iphone pics:

 We found out he LOVES black raspberries! 

super fun rides on the golf cart

Wow, I really did terrible at taking action pictures! Might be because I always had a little someone in my lap...I will do better next year family ;)

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