Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Brooke's Ursa MAJOR Constellation Baby Sprinkle

Here are some more detailed pictures of baby Major's sprinkle! I reeeally enjoyed planning around the constellation/ Ursa Major theme because it's really unique! Brooke's nursery is filled with indigos, navys, touches of gold, stars, bears and lots of love. Love this sweet, special baby so much and can't wait for him to be born! 

Here are the pretty ombre indigo navy invites from PaperieandPen

This name banner is from one of my favorite Etsy shops Little Dovie! I love using decor that can be easily transitioned into the nursery after the event! 

Brunch Food:
My friend Adina at Serenity Desserts makes me whatever I dream up for parties! These were the most tasty little cheesecakes!

The yogurt bar was so great! We used vanilla yogurt and had the following toppings: shredded coconut, mini chocolate chips, silvered almonds, granola, blueberries, strawberries and raw honey.

I just used a little star cookie cutter to make these pancakes!  :)

donut holes were a must!

and everyone's favorite...pigs n blankets

mocha iced coffe was reeeeeally good. I just bought 2 cartons of the iced coffee and poured it in! Simple, easy, delish.

Perfect verse and my sister made this print...love it!

one of my most favorite custom diaper cakes ever from my shop :)

Wishes for Baby....we wanted to do something a little different so we just asked people to write an attribute that they hope Major gets from Brooke or Cade. Everyone really seemed to like the idea of only having to write one thing and every single person wrote something! She can use the pretty star garland to hang up in his nursery or just keep it in a little keepsake box.

my two favorite preggos right now!! 

Love you Brooke and can't wait to meet sweet baby Major Lee!

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