Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Day 2015

They were both SO excited coming down the stairs to see what Santa brought!

Gavin went straight to the roller coaster!

All he asked Santa for was a police car that lights up. He was so excited when he finally saw it!

We thought Holden might be a little too young to do the roller coaster by himself but that was not the case at all! He acted like he had done it a million times. He is our little daredevil while Gavin thought it was best to wear his new helmet that first time ;)

I can't even. This picture kills me! :)


This kid cracks me up

Holden was not really sure about reaching in his stocking...
...but he was delighted with what he found!
Stella girl also loved her treats from Santa!
Papi and Gigi were in town this year for Christmas!

This kid loves football just like his daddy! I'm a little worried of the injuries that may be in our future with this thing but it sure is fun! 

Taking his scooter for a little spin outside in the 70 degree weather we had on Christmas! What?!

picture of my 10 year old with headphones on...excuse me while I go cry now!

those eyes though....

These football figurines were a hit!

Later that day at Reesie's house

Steph and Johnny and baby Wittley who will be here in just a few DAYS!!!

donuts all for me?
They always get the funnest toys in Reesie's stockings

Ninja Turtles from Stephy and Johnny!

laughing and winking at Papi!

Another year, another wonderful Christmas! We are so sad that it is over but oh so thankful for His abundant blessings!

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