Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Rachel's Boho Dreamcatcher Themed Baby Shower

One of my good friends, Rachel is having her baby girl TODAY! I decided it was about time I post her baby shower pictures :)

This diaper cake is now in the shop!!

This 'never stop dreaming' canvas is another work of art from my sister, Stephanie. I love that she can draw exactly what I have in my head...but better! :)

Delicious brunch foods:

We asked people to fill out tags with their hopes and dreams for baby Mila and we tied them onto a pretty dream catcher to hang in her nursery!

we also had onesie decorating!!

I made some dream catchers for favors! :)

My little shower helpers:

 Can't wait to meet you sweet baby 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Christmas Day 2014

We added some chalkboard art and brass ornaments to our tree this year and it gave the tree a totally different look! Love how it turned out! I wanted to have a similar chalkboard look for the wrapping paper but it was insanely expensive so I just used butcher paper from Ryan's school! Worked perfectly and thank goodness it was free since I didn't even get presents wrapped until the night before Christmas :(  oopsy!

 Santa left us some exciting goodies!! A bookcase & books for Holden's room and Gavin got a bright blue bike! 

 Coming down the stairs to see what Santa left 

 He was SO excited about his bike! He didn't even ask for one...Santa is just good!

 I guess Holden wasn't as impressed with his bookcase... :)

 All he asked Santa for this year was new sunglasses and a helicopter! Hope every year is this easy ;)

 Gavin helped everyone open presents this year.

 Love this foosball game!!  He can actually beat me at this now!

 Cash register was another win...he took my Starbucks order about 30 times!

 Exchanging brother gifts. Gavin went shopping specifically for Holden and picked out a monkey toy that he absolutely loooooves! 

Holden picked out a camo Rangers hat for Gavin! 

 Daddy got a ping pong table for outside on our new patio! Is it put together yet? nope :(  Daddy's are hard to buy for!

No snow meant playing outside with his new bike all afternoon! Perfect day!
I just love Christmas!