Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Beckham's Modern Lion Dessert Sprinkle

My sweet friends threw us the CUTEST sprinkle for Baby Beckham! It had allllllll my favorite things which is basically anything chocolate/desserty and Rudy's BBQ. Such a special day celebrating our little guy #3!

 Steph decorated these cookies to match the lion on the invitation! ummm AMAZING!

This post is making me very very hungry...

besties with besties in our tummies!

sisters with cousins in our tummies! You totally can't tell she is pregnant but she IS!

just besties! ;)

So many dear friends! We are so so lucky!

the BEST mama/reesie on the planet!

Holden wanted to be in the pic... how could we say no to this face!

Thanks to all of our friends for this special celebration! We are so blessed!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Christmas Day 2016

So behind in posting pics but definitely don't want to forget these special memories! 

 These first few pictures are for me so I can look this post up at Christmas next year and remember where all of our decor goes! :)

I actually got presents wrapped early this year and even tags...what? 

Santa came!
 and yes, Santa brought Gavin and Holden their very own Bissell vacuum because they LOVE to vacuum and why not actually be picking up dirt!
update: they already broke it :(

 For Holdy

 For Gavin

 Gavin asked Santa and his elf for, "a little truck that he can open the tailgate, the hood and the front AND cab doors" Well folks, this kind of truck does NOT exist. We searched high and low for a truck that had opening cab doors and this was as close as we could find...a low rider with subwoofers in the cab, playstation in the front, hydraulics in the bed of the truck and spinners. So hilarious...but he totally loved it! 

They spent one of their first nights together in their bunk beds and it was the cutest thing listening to them whisper to each other about Santa and the magic of Christmas Eve!
 Coming down the stairs they were SO excited!
 holden's face! :)

 just taking it all in

Daddy showing them how to do the spooner board!

 his favorite present though....his very own FC Dallas flag which he puts in our front yard every game day!

 I made them some superhero capes because I saw them trying to tie blankets around their necks for capes!

 sweetest guy waiting his turn


 Not sure who loved this toy more, Papa John or Gavin! :)  He totally loved pretending to be a mechanic and fixing this engine. Such a cool toy! 

I guess we lost our pants??

Next stop...Reesie's House!

Christmas was so much fun this year! I can't believe how much the boys got into it and we just loved seeing how excited they were for every little thing!! Can't wait until next year!